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  1. Brap

    ORAS PU Who cares if they're Putridly Used?

    Hello, my name's Brap. Some of you might know me from Showdown as Bonfire Heart, or from the old days as Bartman101. Good Times. Since Gen 6 started, I'd been hanging around in Ubers most of the time. But after I was banned from the Ubers room on Showdown for one of my trademark angry rants...
  2. Brap

    Texas Hold'em

    So I searched for a thread on poker but couldn't find one, so I made this (apologies if it's in the wrong place). Since I've been gone from the pokemon world and smogon over the past ~2 years, I've got really into poker, specifically no limit texas hold-em, but I play other variants too. My...
  3. Brap

    ORAS Ubers Undefeated without hax. Peaked #6

    Should have got higher. Fucking so pissed off at hax. Literally this team has never lost a battle on the ubers ladder when there's been no hax. Using this account for the first time in like 2 years to post this. #VivaLaBartman Kangaskhan @ Kangaskhanite Ability: Scrappy EVs: 252 Atk / 4...
  4. Brap

    XY RU Gen 4 Memories

    Haha hi people. So after spending hours and hours on my previous RMT and getting hardly any replies, I'll try to keep this one shorter. So basically the other day I was reminiscing about the good old days of Pokemon. DPP UU, namely. My all-time favourite tier. I was going over my favourite team...
  5. Brap

    Points sytem awareness

    Just back from a ban, yes I am. To be honest I thought they'd got rid of the points infraction system. Turns out not. Apparently I got two 2 point infractions. Nowhere in the infractions did it state the points value. Nor does it state anywhere that 4 points equals a ban. I had to ask someone...
  6. Brap

    Que Sera Sera (Peaked 2000)

    Que Sera Sera Hi, I'm Brap. Some of you may remember me from escapades such as 'I got haxed in a tournament, like I do in 99% of tournaments', 'are you...? Yes.', and 'stupid americans ;)'. I like using brackets a lot, by the way. Important parts are in bold, as per. A bit of background info...