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  1. Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

    ok.... the argument shouldn't be about past depictions or about "scaling" but about how people interpret the character and how "bigness" orients itself in that interpretation, correctly or incorrectly but w/e ypost
  2. Super Smash Bros 4 (Spoilers ITT)

    i just want different pokemon lol edit: regardless of their size as depicted in the games themselves, bowser and ridley have within them intrinsic concepts of "size" that are too hard to change in an ssb game. i would acknowledge that bowser can be and has been portrayed as a GIANT monster, but...
  3. Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

    i'm embarrassed by the fact that my prom date and i are going as "just friends" and all my other friends + their dates didn't have such a pathetic specification :<
  4. Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

    elcheeso, isn't using "child" in that way kind of perjorative, considering there's no real difference between a child and an adult except legal? if you want to make an argument about people abusing their legal status, that makes sense, but i feel like there's an implied conflation with lesser...
  5. Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

    nurrrr this girl who i am friends with is really aggressive (she's not legitimately a bitch, she just can be really snide and cynical and puts me down for the stupider shit i do) but also quite intelligent and one of the few people in the grade i can have an honest conversation with. talking to...
  6. It's Arrested Development

    you are not alone. portia de rossi has ostensibly had some work done(plastic surgery) since the last time the show was on including what looks to me like a nose job. the more i look at it the more i am sure. possibly botox too. it's not unthinkable; she is 40.
  7. itt: movie/film discussion (spoilers lol)

    this is off topic, but i was reading back over my old posts and got angry, why the hell do you assume i'm a goy, and why the fuck would you lump me in with tarantino? whatever i agree with all of the negative criticism about star trek and i love john cho for repeatedly asking why we had to...
  8. Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

    i'm a white man and i honestly don't trust white men you have to make the distinction between general personality archetypes and "hey i haven't been fucked in the ass yet; ergo these complaints are bullshit" i wouldn't argue that basically white guys are ambitious and insensitive. and my...
  9. dad logic

    this ones kind of a paradox. my dad told me i was his son
  10. Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

    this honestly sounds like a dream
  11. One of the longest debates in history is ended

    i spell it out. i think that's something that most gay people do
  12. One Piece (spoilers!)

    you could also make the dickweed etymological point that, since creature is from the latin derivation creare or "to create", in which sense it just refers to things that have been created (i.e. by God/a god), humans would definitely fall under the "creature" category also yeah that sounds like...
  13. One Piece (spoilers!)

    the hydra theory sounds interesting, could you expand on that?
  14. One Piece (spoilers!)

    does this, like...bother anyone else?
  15. ailments

    to be honest i think that that kind of thinking eg. "i'd be happy if i didn't have this; why is there no sympathy for this specific condition," etc is pretty common to almost every single problem there is. george orwell once said something like "men with toothache must think all men without...
  16. ailments

    what's your ailment? (physical/mental health issues) forgive me if this has been brought up before. i'm creepy and i like reading about this stuff. what do you have, how do you manage/treat it, how does it affect your daily life, nice/horror stories, etc. also if you have some acronym malady...
  17. Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

    I feel guilty: this describes exactly the way i post. i'm sorry for it. however, i personally have the opposite opinion and find capitals and sharply punctuated sentences annoying, and also i feel like typing with capitals implies a kind of assurance in my own posts that i don't really have, so...
  18. Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

  19. Moral relativism?

    people who worry about morality probably should