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  1. Tournament Pet Mod Grand Slam: Megas For All (Round 1)

    I forfeit as well, super busy with work and starting streaming so I won't be playing as much on showdown
  2. Other Metagames Partners in Heat Stroke (Currently #4)

    So, I'm currently sitting #4 on the ladder with this team and, while it's been an absolute blast, I felt it was time to move on to another build. This team is absolutely MONSTROUSLY powerful once it gets momentum going and focuses on setting up sun and abusing it in every way possible...
  3. Smogon Replay Vault - Submissions Poor dude got critted by heat wave, lost his no guard, missed zap cannon, and just to rub it in his face got another crit sludge bomb. I don't blame the ragequit one bit.
  4. Tournament Pet Mod Grand Slam: Megas For All (Round 1)

    if this is still going on, i'm in.
  5. Metagame Tier Shift

    The QD/SS Bellossom tech is already really powerful, but Bellossom gains tremendous bulk and power due to its ZU status. I've literally gone toe-to-toe against scyther using z-strength sap and beaten it 1 on 1 thanks to Chlorophyll's speed boost and HP Fire in the sun. Highly recommend giving it...
  6. BH Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans Thread

    Agreed. For me I often run a dedicated Spectral Thief unaware user like Yveltal, paired with a prankster Haze user like Solgaleo that can cover the unaware mons primary weakness. It doesn't tend to leave me wanting for extra moves or mons as long as they have other major utilities besides...
  7. OM Analyses Reservation Index

    I can't believe I didn't notice the set was literally right there lol. I keep running into surprised people so I assumed it was just not known. Guess I should've looked.
  8. OM Analyses Reservation Index

    Reserving Technician Mega Mewtwo X for Balanced Hackmons!
  9. Resource Creative and Underrated Sets

    Not if you have fire/fighting resistance, like Giratina for example. I'm also imposter proofed a bit with focus sash and destiny bond, but i usually just switch to giratina.
  10. Smogon Replay Vault - Submissions

    Balanced Hackmons: Lots of funny little moments scattered throughout, almost all of them having to do with stat stages.
  11. Resource Creative and Underrated Sets

    Got another one I made yesterday: Blaziken-Mega @ Focus Sash Ability: Prankster EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spe Jolly Nature - V-create - Close Combat - Copycat - Destiny Bond This set isn't nearly as thought through, so it probably has room for...
  12. Resource Creative and Underrated Sets

    I considered sniper for a bit, but bonemerang is such a useful move, especially since it can break sashes on frailer pokemon.
  13. Resource Creative and Underrated Sets

    For Balanced Hackmons... Mega-Mewtwo-X @ Life Orb Ability: Technician EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Def / 252 SpA / 252 SpD / 252 Spd Naive Nature - Storm Throw - Frost Breath - Bonemerang - Strength Sap Storm Throw has 60 Base power by default and always results in a critical hit. Combine this...
  14. Metagame Workshop

    Gotta agree with DrPumpkinz, I don't see a way to make this any fun to teambuild since you can just give them a level 1 sunkern or something.
  15. Metagame Workshop

    This is Anything Goes. The only ban there is endless battle clause.
  16. Metagame Workshop

    I honestly would love to see a metagame that changes the whole format of how the game works, but isn't so complex or foreign that people would lose interest. Unfortunately, it always seems like it's one or the other lol.
  17. Metagame Workshop

    Short answer, no. Almost every OM suggestion that involves each mon having different traits is rejected flat out since they become too complex. You might enjoy watching it, but I don't think nearly as many people can follow it as well. As a random event/tournament, it could be a thing, but...
  18. Metagame Workshop

    Could do Moxie as well. Maybe a mechanic where all mons have the same ability as their nickname or the nickname of the first mon of the party? That would probably be the easiest way to make it work if you wanted any 1 ability added to each mon.
  19. BH Balanced Hackmons Central Resources

    NGL, mega ray being banned kind of got me interested in this mode in the first place. Good to see I'll be joining the meta at a time when everyone is a little more on equal footing.
  20. Metagame Workshop

    Here's some sample teams I came up with for Juggernaut ( These are relatively vanilla sets since I made them up kind of on the fly, but I listed some interesting mons that could have some use at the bottom of...