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  1. Spiffy

    [Standard] Medieval NOC Mafia (Sign-Ups)

    <billymills> imma say go for it though Approved by LightWolf. [STANDARD] MEDIEVAL NOC MAFIA RULES If you are new to Smogon mafia, I'd advise for you to join an OC game such as Futurama Mafia before you join this one! If you must join this game, please look over the over the other NOC games on...
  2. Spiffy

    [Standard] Redwall Mafia - Redwallers and Altair win!

    You wake up to the sound of birds chirping. What a perfect way to start a sunny day at Redwall Abbey! You hop out of bed and walk down the stone steps, looking forward to the wonderful tasks ahead of you. A nice breakfast with your Redwall friends of nutbread smothered with butter, and fresh...
  3. Spiffy

    [Standard] Redwall Mafia Signups

    Approved by Gmax. Rules (Swiped from Awesomeness Mafia) 1. Whilst you are alive you can talk to anyone about the game. Once you are dead you cannot talk to anyone about the game, unless you are strategizing with your team. 2. The game will begin on Night 0. There will be no kills on Night...