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  1. Ramses

    Slowking QC (0 / 3)

    QC: / / GP: / / [OVERVIEW] * Slowking has an excellent ability in Regenerator, which gives it great durability to continuously come in throughout the match, as well as a great move in Slack Off for accelerated longevity. * Decent typing that gives it crucial resists to Fighting, Water, and...
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    OU Cofagrigus

    QC: Gary / Subject 18 / Colonel M GP: GatoDelFuego / Fireflame479 [OVERVIEW] Cofagrigus is a great offensive Trick Room sweeper. Thanks to Mummy, it can also act as an emergency check to dangerous threats such as Mega Medicham and Mega Pinsir, and Cofagrigus's presence alone deters High Jump...
  3. Ramses

    Core Analysis Workshop (Week 11: Mega Gallade + Tapu Lele)

    approved by bludz op adapted from the gen 6 thread in need of some art | Teams rely on offensive and defensive synergy to function. Cores of Pokemon are units within said teams that are built specifically to take advantage of these synergies between Pokemon. Thus, nearly all teams are built...
  4. Ramses

    OU Tornadus-T

    QC: p2 / Zamrock / Subject 18 GP: The Dutch Plumberjack / Fireflame479 [OVERVIEW] Tornadus-T boasts an impressive Speed tier that puts it above a myriad of threats, such as Mega Medicham, Keldeo, and Gengar, as well as exemplary offensive stats, making it a premier offensive threat. Blessed...
  5. Ramses

    OU Crawdaunt

    QC: p2 / Gary / Subject 18 GP: DeathByWobbuffet / P Squared [OVERVIEW] Crawdaunt is an incredibly strong physical attacker with powerful STAB options such as Knock Off and Crabhammer backed up by a fantastic ability in Adaptability. It also boasts a great STAB combination with very few...
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    OU Hydreigon

    QC: PK Gaming / Gary / p2 GP: DeathByWobbuffet / P Squared [OVERVIEW] Hydreigon is a frighteningly powerful special attacker with spammable STAB moves in the form of Dark Pulse and Draco Meteor and a myriad of crucial coverage options such as Fire Blast and Flash Cannon. It also possesses a...
  7. Ramses

    OU Weavile

    QC: p2 / Gary / Colonel M GP: The Dutch Plumberjack / DeathByWobbuffet [OVERVIEW] Weavile is an impressive attacker, graced with high speed, excellent power, and an incredible STAB combination that makes it a generally hard Pokemon to consistently switch into. While Weavile has a rather bare...
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    QC: nv / Hogg / Pearl GP: The Dutch Plumberjack / Haund [OVERVIEW] Despite the many Water-types in the tier, Omastar finds its place thanks to its access to Shell Smash, its impressive Special Attack, and an offensive movepool that gives it all it needs to function as a terrifying sweeper...
  9. Ramses

    Exploud (Revamp)

    QC: dodmen / nv / Kreme GP: GatoDelFuego / The Dutch Plumberjack [OVERVIEW] Exploud might not seem very impressive at first glance, but it's blessed with a single move, Boomburst, that transforms it into a frightening wallbreaker. Boomburst is the sole reason Exploud ever sees the light of...
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    ORAS OU .

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    Serious .

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    Mamoswine (Revamp) (GP 2/2)

    QC: fleggumfl / bludz / Tokyo Tom GP: The Dutch Plumberjack / frenzyplant [OVERVIEW] Mamoswine is a solid wallbreaker in OU thanks to its great Attack combined with an excellent offensive typing, that makes it difficult for many teams to switch into. Its typing coupled with decent overall...
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    Resource Stall V2 (Week #6 Mega Pidgeot)

    Approved by Aragorn the King Taken over from Analytic Co-Hosted by Wheezer Awesome banner by fleggumfl What is Stall? Stall is a playstyle that aims to emerge victorious by wearing down the opponent with residual damage by stacking hazards and status while keeping hazards off your side of...
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    Resource ORAS OU EV Spread Compendium

    approved by AM and Aragorn the King OP stolen from Ubers' EV Spread Compendium Nice banner by Analytic Hello everyone, and welcome to the OU EV Spread Compendium. This thread is a resource designed to assist old and new players alike in choosing the optimal Effort Value spreads and natures...
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    ORAS OU .

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    Denied Top 10 Most Wanted Pokemon

    Well-explained summary of your idea I came up with this idea while reading Klefki's dex entry. "It never lets go of a key that it likes, so people give it the keys to vaults and safes as a way to prevent crime." The little thing would steal keys to get what it wants! So I decided to gather...
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    Somewhat Logical Argument

    If this isn't in my place to argue, my deepest apologies. This thread is to argue Aegislash being not Overpowered or as some put it "OP" or "Broken" in the OU tier. However it truly isn't with the introduction of new Mega Evolutions and more pokemon becoming viable. I simply believe it doesn't...
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    Gen 6 Mega Kangaskhan EV Spreading

    Firstly, if this is in the wrong section please move it. This thread was made to discuss the effectiveness of many Mega Kangaskhan spreads. You may post any spread you would like, even spreads that may seem foolish initially. Please try to include damage calcs and the reason why you thought of...
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