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  1. sumwun

    Pending Hide HP type when building a team for an old generation

    It always says "dark" no matter what the IVs are, so leaving it visible is confusing and annoying.
  2. sumwun

    Pending Add a move flag called "available"

    so I can enter "/ms available" for moves available in gen 8 and "/ms !available" for removed moves
  3. sumwun

    Rejected Make the National Pokedex chat room public

    This is what happened when some other people tried asking National Pokedex's forum moderators. So if neither here nor the National Pokedex forum are the right places to ask, can someone at least tell me where that right place is?
  4. sumwun

    Approved Record pre-mega abilities in moveset stats

    Just about every Pokemon fansite can already tell me that 100% of mega Gyaradoses have mold breaker. What I want to know is how many of them had intimidate before mega evolving. If the problem is that people select mega Pokemon in the teambuilder, can the team validator force them to pick a...