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  1. hobo bob

    Bulky Offense [OU] [Wi-Fi]

    Hey all, so let me give you a little background information. This is my second Wi-Fi team that I have created(the first being an OK hail team). While I enjoy my hail team, I wanted a better team which would be sort of unique while being able to counter some of the most popular threats today. The...
  2. hobo bob

    Balanced Sandstorm Team [OU Wi-Fi]

    So after forming my first hail stall team I found that I really loved weather teams that utilized stall tactics but my hail team just wasn't really doing it for me so I decided to come up with a new team that could address the main threats of OU. The main problem with my old hail team was that...
  3. hobo bob

    My first RMT (Hail Stall)

    As it says in the title this is my very first team so it might be noobish =p Sorry if there are any errors here but I'm typing this very late and am half asleep. Basically the idea of this team is to weaken the opponent with hail and entry hazards, then strike hard with my Gallade and Clefable...