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  1. Hogg

    The State of Old Gen Lower Tiers

    Yep, this is the current policy. Anyhow... Thanks for posting this. I was planning on making a thread due to BP being banned on the ladder (which technically should not have happened - it was done without any formal request or ban - but brought what has been a pervasive issue for a while now to...
  2. Hogg

    I'm in the office during that time every day but Tuesday... Maybe Tuesday afternoon? Or I'm free...

    I'm in the office during that time every day but Tuesday... Maybe Tuesday afternoon? Or I'm free weekend or weekday evenings after ~8:30 PM, GMT -5.
  3. Hogg

    ADV ADV PL - Player Signups

    Username: hogg Timezone: eastern us Tiers played: UU, NU Activity issues?: Busiest time of year for me at work but I'll get games done
  4. Hogg

    Smogon Staff and Promotions

    Lilburr is the new UU Tier Leader!
  5. Hogg

    Announcement UUTL goes BRRRR

    After roughly four years and two generations of leading UU, I've decided it's time to move on and get some new blood in charge. I am officially retiring as UUTL. Lilburr will be taking my place alongside TDK as the new UUTL, so congrats!
  6. Hogg

    The Tiering Contributor Badge

    Hello, all. We have made a few significant updates to the tiering contributor badge policy, which has been updated in the OP. The previous standard of 4 votes in a single tier or 10 votes across all tiers remains. However, we have expanded the TC badge to include some votes from non-official...
  7. Hogg

    Proposal: MVPs in Team Tournaments

    I know, I’ve been making a lot of these threads. This is a fun one, though! What would people think about adding a tour MVP to team tournaments? This wouldn’t be an additional trophy role or anything, just a fun way to recognize the really gamechanging or breakout players in a team tour. We...
  8. Hogg

    St. Patrick and the Casting Out of Snakes

    Things have been a bit quiet with the recent focus rightfully on SPL, but I wanted to provide a quick update. First, Zracknel has mocked up some sample logos for the tournament. In these instances he used green for the color scheme under the assumption that the tour keeps the green trophy, but...
  9. Hogg

    SPL XII - Commencement Thread

  10. Hogg

     np: SS UU Stage 8.1 - This Heart's On Fire

    Just a couple of things from this meta. The ladder was absolutely miserable as many have commented, but mostly because it was just so cheese heavy. It's really hard to build something super solid against every possible Screens/Veil team because Screens make so many random things viable...
  11. Hogg

    Sword and Shield Tiering Announcements

    UU has banned Blaziken in a public suspect.
  12. Hogg

    Smogon Happenings -- post here for publicity (YES, YOU)

    Blaziken has been banned from UU: scheduled
  13. Hogg

     np: SS UU Stage 8.1 - This Heart's On Fire Well, that didn't take long. While there's still time to vote, 83% of the 47 voters who have responded thus far have voted to ban Blaziken, putting us well above the 29 vote minimum...
  14. Hogg

    SS UU Suspect Process - Stage 8.1 (Blaziken)

    Good morning, all. While we're still waiting on 3 votes, I'm going to go ahead and call this one, as the remaining votes cannot shift the final outcome. With 43 votes to ban already in out of the 53 votes we have received, Blaziken is banned from UU! VOTES BAN: 44 (77.2%) KEEP UU: 10 (17.5%)...
  15. Hogg

     np: SS UU Stage 8.1 - This Heart's On Fire

    Hey y'all, voting thread is live:
  16. Hogg

    SS UU Suspect Process - Stage 8.1 (Blaziken)

    Blaziken: Ban
  17. Hogg

    SS UU Suspect Process - Stage 8.1 (Blaziken)

    :ss/blaziken: Voting on Blaziken List of qualified voters (57): LNumbers ShinyAzelf TotomonGang Maki DNNP Skip The Drip Giannis Antetokommo-o CBU Laevin SilvioGuacamole KJ Corp Gondra solonor24 JustFranco Wigglytuff Aquarius Ghost ❤ Eel99 Pheo' Ramolost Moutemoute Fusion Flare iNoLife Chuerk...
  18. Hogg

     SS UU Stage 8.1 Voting Identification Thread

    uu8bad machinery
  19. Hogg

    St. Patrick and the Casting Out of Snakes

    While Zracknel is hard at work putting together some sample ideas for us to help choose a direction re: name and branding, I've been working a bit on the overall format and auction model. Regarding the format, I've been reaching out to a lot of folks privately about their thoughts on Monotype's...
  20. Hogg

     np: SS UU Stage 8.1 - This Heart's On Fire

    Reminder to all: this page is for discussion on Blaziken or the state of the metagame overall. It is NOT the place where you post your reqs to prove you qualified to vote in this test. You can find that thread here...