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  1. RZL

    ORAS LC A little bit of Hyper-Offence

    Hello, it's time for another RZL RMT!!! I built this team a while back for LCPL, but I didn't get around to using it. This is a fairly standard Dwebble Offence team. Team Building Process Dwebble is necessary, as it can set up both Stealth Rock and Spikes, while maintaining high speed...
  2. RZL

    ORAS LC Iris: An RZL and Slurmz ORAS LC RMT (Peak:#28)

    Introduction: Slurmz and I often build teams together as, we have known each other for sometime. Slurmz joined into one of my battles and like the spammer he is, "Hey, RZL, we should build a RMT."-the commas separate posts...- "What do you want to build around?", he responded, "SunnyBeam...
  3. RZL

    Other ORAS OU Water Monotype team

    RZL's Water Mono Hello, I have decided to have my Water Monotype team rated, since Greninja was recently banned I had to make a new team. This then lead to me procrastinating for a week, and then I decided that I would build around one of my favourite and best Water sweepers, Sub CM Keldeo...
  4. RZL

    ORAS LC Stalling with immunities

    Hello, I made this team awhile ago and decided that I was going to do a rate my team about it. It was originally an X and Y LC team that I made to play stall. Stall is a style that is underrated by newer LC players think the metagame only supports Hyper Offense. Here is the team; Munchlax @...
  5. RZL

    XY LC My LC Team

    Carvahna@Life Orb Ability: Speed Boost Level:5 EVs: 196Atk/36Def/36SDef/236Spe Ivs: 0HP Adamant Nature Waterfall Crunch Aqua Jet Protect Carvahna makes a great late game sweeper and I find some people misuse him as a lead sweeper. It is the second part of my dual offensive core with Corphish as...