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  1. zapdos=god

    Its Gametime OU Raindance team

    Hi my name is zapdos=god bringing you another one of my teams. A few weeks ago i posted a standard team that i use This team however would get demolished by weather teams. Since the current metagame revolves around weather i have decided to...
  2. zapdos=god

    Its GAMETIME 5th gen Standard Team

    Hi my name is zapdos=god and i've been playing pokemon for about 3 years. I used to play 4th gen but until recently i decided to start playing 5th gen. I gotta admit this is a pretty fun generation with the metagame constantly changing As you will see below i have included a standard team...
  3. zapdos=god

    Rapper's Delight: A OU Rain Dance Team

    Introduction Yeah I Lied. I said on my last RMT that it would be my last team. But I had a brilliant idea to make a 4th gen rain dance team using names of my Favourite rappers. Well here's my new 4th gen ou Rain dance team. TEAM BUILDING PROCESS UNDER THE MICROSCOPE Dr. Dre...
  4. zapdos=god

    ITS GAME TIME- Last 4Th Gen OU team

    INTRODUCTION Well with 5th Gen in full swing and 4th gen pretty much dead, I wanted to post my last 4th gen team which I had hugh sucess with. My record was something like 40 wins and 6 losses with this team on wifi. With out further ado here the team. TEAM BUILDING PROCESS UNDER THE...
  5. zapdos=god

    A double Dragon Dance (Second RMT)

    This is my second RMT. Well here it goes The Lead Azelf@ Focus Sash Timid Evs: 4hp/ 252/spatk/252spe -Stealth Rock -Fire Blast -Taunt -Explosion --- Who else but the #1 lead of the 4th gen ou metagame? This pokemon almost always gets at the very least rocks up. Its fire Blast destroys any...
  6. zapdos=god

    my first ou team

    Lead metagross lum Berry brave nature 252 atk 252 hp 4 def meteor mash bullet punch explosion stealth rock Ok this is my first ou team on smogon., i've recently got into competitive battling. i start off with my metagross to get stealth rock in. metagross is brave for atk and has some bulk on...