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  1. Navzyx-kun

    chad monke or overrated lizard?

    cast your votes, if you vote chad monke you are a chad if you vote overrated lizard you are not chad
  2. Navzyx-kun

    National Dex [AG] Pet Shop (peak 1605 ELO)

    Hello Smogon community! In this RMT I would like to show my AG team, and changes can be made in comments! This team has helped me go to 1605 and in the near future I plan to ladder more. Coincidentally, my team is filled with Pokemon based on animals. ~~PET SHOP~~ The team artist doggo...
  3. Navzyx-kun

    Gen 7 Gen 7 OU RMT (peak 1495)

    henlo, my name is Navzyx-kun and it's a pleasure for me to be finally doing an RMT. As you can see, I have achieved 1495 on the Gen 7 OU ladder. Here is my team: Thicc!! (Magearna) @ Assault Vest Ability: Soul-Heart EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD Modest...