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  1. rozes

    Signups Smogon Tour 31 Host Signups

    Saturday, March 13th @ 4 pm GMT -5
  2. rozes

    Sword and Shield Tiering Announcements

    Mienshao is now banned from SS NU
  3. rozes

    Metagame NP: NU Stage 5.1 - Kung Fu Fighting [Bewear & Pangoro Banned]

    Mienshao has been banned and Cresselia is being tested! Thanks everyone for their input, and feel free to discuss in the new thread now.
  4. rozes

    Announcement Mienshao is now banned from SS NU

    Hello all, the NU Council has voted to ban Mienshao from NU and suspect Cresselia effective immediately. :Mienshao: Mienshao has been on the councils radar since the start of January with the end of Quick Bans as it quickly rose to prominence in the tier. Its positive qualities are numerous and...
  5. rozes

    Tournament RUPL VIII - Week 1

    won vs diogo ggs
  6. rozes

    when can you play for rby ssnl; im gmt-8 and can do most times fri/sat

    when can you play for rby ssnl; im gmt-8 and can do most times fri/sat
  7. rozes

    Tournament UUPL IX Player Signups

    Player Name: shiloh Tiers Played: yes Timezone: gmt-8 Clefable
  8. rozes

    Tournament RUPL Player Signups

    Name: rozes Metagames Played: SM / ORAS / Bo3 Foreseeable Inactivity: None Timezones: -8
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    Other Lower Tier Premier League III - Administrative Decisions & Information

    RE: hs vs avarice When the game for hs vs avarice started, when hs stated he had to leave @ turn 0, and asked for avarice to wait. avarice waited for ~30 minutes, before starting the timer and eventually hs did time out. While this is not a great situation, it was a true timer time out, and not...
  10. rozes

    Project SS NU Battle of the Week - Week 3 (Oathkeepre vs Finchinator)

    meri berry davon quite quiet
  11. rozes

    SS NU Suspect Process - Stage 5.1 (Bewear & Pangoro)

    :ss/bewear: :ss/pangoro: Voting on Bewear & Pangoro List of qualified voters (40): Mariannabelle Turtledoggo21 Realistic Waters Luna's Banned now Dieu Amphibien DNNP Jaytop31 Luck O' the Irish Finchinator Axrtix Alvaro271 wuhoodude zugubu royale Slowbrosky Togkey your____bro Rabia Socrates1O1...
  12. rozes

    AAA The Almost Any Ability Open - Round 1

    won vs racool for r1 in a fun set, ggs
  13. rozes

    Other Lower Tier Premier League III - Semifinals

    Records Spreadsheet Big thanks to Ticken for the art + spreadsheet!! Tournament Rules and General Guidelines :bw/cinccino::bw/escavalier: 1. Cherrygrove Cinccinos (4) vs (6) 4. The Type Chart Escavaliers UU: hs vs avarice NU: Confide vs dcae NU: Lilburr vs Ninjadog PU: Chloe vs Punny LC: tazz...
  14. rozes

    Smogon Premier League XII - Week 5

    won vs mncmt, ggs
  15. rozes

    Smogon Premier League XII - Week 4

    won vs hay, ggs
  16. rozes

    Tournament 1v1 Premier League V - Player Signups

    Player Name: rozes Tiers Played: adv/dpp Timezone: GMT-8 Any Foreseeable Inactivity: