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  1. Laurel

    OU OU Majors - Signups

  2. Laurel

    ADV ADV PL - Player Signups

    Username: Laurel Timezone: EST Tiers played: All but prefer OU Activity issues?: No I'd really like to play if possible.
  3. Laurel

    Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 5

    I lost 2-1, ggs.. Something should be done about the ability to "brute force" hidden replays... I had 3 horrific match ups but shout out my opponent for his honesty.. gl in the rest.
  4. Laurel

    Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 3-C

    won 2-0 vs Gigolo, ggs
  5. Laurel

    Tournament Doubles Premier League 7: Player Signups

    Player Name (on Pokemon Showdown): Laurel Tiers Played: SS DOU / SM DOU / XY DOU / BW DOU Willing to Learn a New Tier?: I've played all the OU formats before Timezone : GMT-5 Significant Time Missed?: No I think I went undefeated in DOU WCoP.
  6. Laurel

    SPL XII - Midseason Signups

    Player Name: Laurel Tiers Played: 4, 6, 7, 8 Timezone: GMT -5 I’m doing well in OST and am very active. 4x midseason draft pick.
  7. Laurel

    Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 3-C

    I won vs shuckle for round 2, 2-1, gg's!
  8. Laurel

    Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 2-B

    need an extension to play Shucklegigas tomorrow hopefully. yesterday I got busy, today he got busy.
  9. Laurel

    Official Smogon Tournament XVII - Round 1-D

    I won vs Eternal Spirit 2-1, ggs
  10. Laurel

    Survivor SmORGon Season 13: Badlands [Won by daltz!]

    Thanks to everyone for playing :) Hope to see you all for the next one.
  11. Laurel

    The Well #67 - BKC

    Top 5 favorite Pokemon sets of all time and the meta/format they were for?
  12. Laurel

    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    I’d like to start 2021 off right, can my name be changed back to Laurel? Reason: Everyone still calls me Laurel. done, no more changes now - kala
  13. Laurel

    Walrus BLOODY's 2020 Walrus

    Brainpan is right impersonating me with twenty one pilots but omg, I forgot to submit :psycry:
  14. Laurel

    2d3 or JK9++ [CANCELLED]

    I know, im just telling you xd
  15. Laurel

    2d3 or JK9++ [CANCELLED]

    I'd play a less pure chaos format.
  16. Laurel

    Board Game Smogon Chess Tournament - Won by Ashwins72 and Royal1604

    Opponent gave win for casual