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  1. Resource Series 8 Viability Rankings

    speed tier here's a list of some relevant pokemon that grampoch outspeeds over lando jynx arcanine kyurem zygarde tapu lele urshifu solgaleo yveltal xerneas regigigas charizard palkia zapdos entei thundurus lando has slightly better physical bulk thanks to intimidate but I don't agree with...
  2. Propose-a-Game / Request-a-Host Thread

    so when's the next game
  3. VGC 21 Incineroar

    think that's everything then I'd appreciate a quick instructive on when to use "and" or "or" in analyses because normally it's fairly intuitive to me being inclusive vs exclusive but both "sounded right" to me in almost every instance. I ended up just switching everything I could find to "and"...
  4. VGC 21 Incineroar

    I was raised on two spaces after periods and by jove I'll hit that spacebar twice till the day I die I even used APA formatting in college, not MLA I meant restricted and either urshifu, as both carry are capable of hitting it super effectively with stabs hard-hitting is hyphenated, I assumed...
  5. Grammar-Prose Team Queue: Brave New World
  6. Copyediting Rillaboom(QC 2/2) [GP 0/1]

    you can also see the user ID by He-who-is-not-to-be-named and quoting it
  7. Resource VGC Series 8 Reservation Index

    Incineroar :braixen: : Go for it ^^
  8. VGC 21 Incineroar

    [OVERVIEW] Incineroar's bulk and dynamic movepool make it arguably the best supporting Pokemon in the format, primarily offering move options like Fake Out, Snarl, and Taunt and utilizing Intimidate and Parting Shot to weather the opponent's offensive. Its typing is perfect for checking the...
  9. VGC: Ask a Simple Question, Get a Simple Answer

    I run protect on my scarfed kyogre because dynamax and knock off are both options, since you're almost always clicking water spout anyway you get some flexibility with your other moves mystic water is pretty popular right now. You can check item usage on pikalytics, as well as other statistics...
  10. Tournament Dodrio Cup - Week 1 Pools 2-0 me
  11. Resource Series 8 Viability Rankings

    I'd argue that the success of these mons is more due to their supporting cast (notably grimmsnarl, lapras, and regieleki) than their power level alone. Dialga is a clean 2HKO with basically any stab fighting/ground type move, and the best duo in the format, cherrim+groudon, ohkos it easily but...
  12. Resource Series 8 Viability Rankings

    Dialga, Kyogre: S -> A+ I don't know if we're like, setting a new standard for S tier mons, but compare these three to the xerns of seasons past. They don't compare at all in terms of sheer format gravitation, although Kyogre does admittedly get close. And Incin is still arguably a tier above...
  13. itt: pretend to be american

    itt: salty europeans lashing out at centuries of american superiority you know it's true
  14. Tournament Dodrio Cup - Signups

    Team Players: smogon account, Jashsmash, He-who-is-not-to-be-named (Voldemort) Team Captain: me, i guess Team Name (Optional): Bird Brains
  15. itt: pretend to be american

    I'm american
  16. bad joke that only the OP likes Queen is banned from Blitz Chess - Explanation & Information

    I think the main point you're glossing over is the hesitance of the Lichess council to simply replace the Queen; they clearly indicated they didn't want to continue banning down the totem pole to find a replacement but rather wanted a surgical extraction of the most unpredictable facet of the...
  17. bad joke that only the OP likes Queen is banned from Blitz Chess - Explanation & Information

    it's cause you're my favorite user :) I thought about throwing shub in there too but then decided GM Eric Rosen was more important
  18. bad joke that only the OP likes Queen is banned from Blitz Chess - Explanation & Information

    The Blitz Chess council recognizes that Lichess is a large institution within the realm of competitive Chess battling. Additionally, we understand that banning a core piece such as the Queen will have a substantial impact on the competitive landscape of this generation throughout our tournaments...
  19. Resource VGC 2020 Series 6 Viability Thread

    Silvally: Unranked->C Tier Silvally is often outclassed by other pokemon just because of its jack-of-all-trades status, but as the only ___-type parting shot user and the only pokemon with a base 120 ___ type attack, sometimes it's what a team needs to function. Inteleon/Silvally swamp pledge...