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  1. Leotronico

    Leotronico's Trade Thread

    Sure. Are you online now?
  2. Leotronico

    Leotronico's Trade Thread

    Hi, Your Morpeko and Skwovet in Apriballs are cool. What do you wish?
  3. Leotronico

    Leotronico's Trade Thread

    Thanks for the trade. I add Duraludon now in the list, they are ready to trade too.
  4. Leotronico

    Leotronico's Trade Thread

    Heres the list of what I have; but without correct IVs. I can make a quick breed for your request btw.... Im looking for items too, as Flame Orb /Toxic Orb; Mints and Apri Balls..... Eevee HA Dream Ball Eevee Moon Ball Eevee HA Love Ball Eevee Level Ball Eevee Friend Ball Dreepy Moon Ball...
  5. Leotronico

    Leotronico's Trade Thread

    Hi, I have some of your list, I just need breed them. And maybe I could offer others for you too, but not flawless with 5iv yet.... Send me a PM and we find somehting for both of us,.
  6. Leotronico

    Leotronico's Trade Thread

    Hi, Welcome to my trade thread. All my pokémon arent hacked, I breed all myself. So, please, don't trade for hacked ones. Ill be very glad. I'm looking for trade Pokémon with the same conditions as mine or even items as mints, apricorn balls, battle tower ones etc... just make your offer...
  7. Leotronico


    Best argument ever.
  8. Leotronico

    World Cup of Pokemon IX - Finals [Won by Team Brazil]

    Sorry USA friends but; CONGRATULATIONS SOGEKING; todos os Brasileiros do Smogon estavam assistindo e torcendo por você. A equipe HAUHAUHUAHUAHUAHUBR nos representou e fez o que ninguém tinha feito até hoje. Sei que toda equipe do BR não me conhece mas estou orgulhoso de todos vocês. Não é só...
  9. Leotronico

    Ask A Simple Question, Get A Simple Answer - Pokemon Showdown! Edition

    Hi guys; I'm new at PS and I have some quick questions. I don't have too much time for play at the week, just the weekends, so, how the score sistem will work for me laddering? Is there a way for me to reach high scores? Another question. As I played the game since the R/B/Y I, know a lot off...