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  1. Fenix54 presents : 4th Gen only(BCC,Safari,Radar,Swarm and more!)

    Welcome to my Trade Thread First,something about me. I'm 18 years old(almost 19),I live in Bolzano(Italy),I can speak(good or not XD) 3 languages : italian,german and english. I played Baseball since I was 8,but last summer I had to stop playing it. Now I go to gym and I play Airsoft every...
  2. Fenix54 Trade Thread

    Banner done by Entey the Swift(thanks man^^) Be sure to check my 3rd Gen section If you're looking for a specific Pokèmon,press CTRL+F and write the name^^ All my Pokèmon are done using an Emulator Why? it's easier,faster Problem with this? Go out Rules: -TO TRADE...
  3. Battlefield 2142

    are there an user who still play at bf2142?