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  1. DigDoug

    DigDoug's Trade Thread Back from the Dead (Update 2/18/17)

    I can dig it! I can dig this dead trade thread right out of the ground. Welcome to my Trade Thread! Rules Follow Smogon Forum Rules Be nice. No hacks. Tell me if your Pokémon is a clone My Pokémon are Redistributable unless stated otherwise Please be specific in both what you want from me and...
  2. DigDoug

    DigDoug's Dirty Breeds Done Dirt Cheap (Speed Boost Carvanha Now in Stock)

    Rules 1. Be nice. 2. No hacks, no clones. Please don't clone any Pokemon I trade you. 3. I will update as more Pokemon become available/I think of more specific Pokemon I want. 4. If my Pokemon are out of stock, I can breed everything listed below upon request 5. Nicknames and Pokerus available...