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  1. HackerKing

    6 Megas, 1 Team [Peaked 1974+ on Showdown]

    6 Megas, 1 Team This team started off as a bit of a joke with my brother. Mega-evolutions were new and we wanted to see how people would react if we put 6 pokemon that could mege-evolve on the same team. Surprisingly, this team turned out really well and (after a few edits) managed to climb...
  2. HackerKing

    Volt-Turn to Victory

    Introduction This team had some surprising origins and it's been through a lot of revisions, but I think it's reached the point where I would like to post the team and ask for you guys to rate it. In its current shape, it's starting to resemble a Volt-turn offensive team, and I feel that this...