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  1. HackerKing

    Other Pokemon Terminology Database

    True, but since I did nHKO I thought I might as well add on to your definition (since I also noted that the phrase 1HKO exists and is less frequent). I apologize if that's rude or against the rules.
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    Other Pokemon Terminology Database

    Term n-0 (where n is any number from 1-6) Explanation: When you defeat your opponent with n pokemon remaining, it is an n-0 Example: My Gyarados just 6-0'd (pronounced "six oh-ed") my opponent's team Reference: Common use (phrase has been published in the Smog)
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    Other Pokemon Terminology Database

    Term: FEAR Explanation: A level-1 pokemon with a Focus Sash. The pokemon will survive with the Sash and then use the move "Endeavor" to knock the opponent down to 1 HP. Then the FEAR pokemon will use Quick Attack to OHKO the opponent's pokemon. Example: Level-1 Ratattata with Focus Sash...
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    Other Your Teambuilding Process (ORAS)

    I have two types of Processes. One that I do if I have a lot of time. The second one if I'm really lazy and want to mess around on Showdown. My ideal Team Building Process: My teambuilding process is different from both of yours. Both of you guys start with a pokemon you want to build the team...
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    Resource ORAS OU Simple Questions, Simple Answers (Read the OP First!)

    How do I get past hax? My last 3 battles were all lost either to crits or parahax (and this is something that happens a lot to me) and it's starting to get really frustrating. Like out of all the losses on my current alt, 1/3 probably come from hax. I feel like it's due to my play style, but...
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    Trapping Abilities: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Lol, I don't think it's possible to discuss trapping constructively without discussing banning it. It's a very hot button issue, especially in light of recent events (read: Mega Gengar in Ubers) and a lot of people have very strong beliefs on it. But you're right; I'll refrain from discussing...
  7. HackerKing

    Trapping Abilities: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    And here's an interesting point that I feel this tread is touching on. We need to separate discussion of trapping abilities from trappers. Whether or not trapping abilities are uncompetitive has nothing to do with how good/shitty a trapper is; it just delays the discussion. It's possible to have...
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    Pokémon Clefable

    With +6 in both def and sp. def Stored Power hits for 240(?) power, so yeah I guess you're right about that. I still stand by my assertion that unless team space is critical, CM Clefable used in conjunction with a physical wall provides much more team utility.
  9. HackerKing

    Pokémon Clefable

    I'm not going to lie: I see the value in CP Clefable, but I think it's very situational. It works if you need it, but most of the time it's inferior to Cm Clefable + a physical wall: Here's the thing about Cosmic Power Clefable: why run it? This may sound like a dumb question but I feel like...
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    Trapping Abilities: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    Sorry, but I don't really buy this. If your team benefits from trapping, I really don't think you incur a (significant) disadvantage by "telegraphing your intentions". For example, in BW when you had Genesect and Dugtrio on a team (or Ninetails and Dugtrio) anyone could easily figure out what...
  11. HackerKing

    Pokémon Lucario

    Lucario unfortunately has suffered a lot from this generation. Especially since his mega is banned, I don't think he'll see major OU usage. Does it really? Especially since a lot of teams with Slowbro either carry M-Slowbro or have partners that can deal with Lucario (clefable, Mega-Sableye...
  12. HackerKing

    Other Pokemon: Smogon OU Version 2 (Route Nine (After Ice Mountain))

    We could do it for fun (like a parody), but yeah if we want this to be serious then you're right; it's best to ditch it.
  13. HackerKing

    Other Pokemon: Smogon OU Version 2 (Route Nine (After Ice Mountain))

    I thought the idea of the game was to train the player as they go in competitive battling. I don't remember (back when I didn't do competitive battling) waiting around in certain areas for certain times of the day. I just played the game as it came to me. By extension, I don't think we should...
  14. HackerKing

    Pokémon Beedrill

    Ehhh, not necessarily. The main draw of Fell Stinger is that you can simultaneously KO and get a +2 boost. A lot of people will not save a near-death pokemon if they see a Mega-Beedrill come in for the revenge kill (especially if they see a U-turn coming. They'd rather just sack someone). So you...
  15. HackerKing

    Ladder Anything Goes

    So I missed most of the whole "SwagPlay" suspect testing. Can someone explain to me why Klefki is everywhere? There are a bunch of other Swag-play pokemon to abuse, especially with prankster. Is it its typing? And how the fuck can this Keychain keep up with Mega Rayquaza and Primal Groudon?
  16. HackerKing

    Ubers is now a tier; a new Metagame called Anything Goes is added; M-Ray is banned from Ubers

    Anything Goes is actually a hilarious tier. There are so many sites where people criticize smogon for bans. I guess we finally have replays to show them if they ask. Pretty much the entire tier is Smeargle, Klefki, and M-Rayqyaza.
  17. HackerKing

    Project Victim of the Week

    Check Crobat @ Black Sludge Ability: Infiltrator EVs: 248 HP / 80 Atk / 4 SpD / 176 Spe Jolly Nature - Brave Bird - Super Fang - Haze Defog - Roost Brobat is back with vengence. This is the standard Crobat set, only with Defog slashed for Haze. Since Crobat is 2x weak to Rock, it isn't too...
  18. HackerKing

    Mega REvolution

    This is actually a great idea. Once you get to +2 Speed, you will just wreck. The only problem is without any EVs in SpAtk, Mega-Sceptile won't be hitting too too hard. RIP everything. The worst part is that you're good Pre-Mega Evolution and can just Mega-Evolve when they bring in a faster...
  19. HackerKing

    Your first Pokemon game

    My first game was Emerald, which imo stands as the best 3rd gen game (though Colleseum is also up there). And I don't say that for nostolgia's sake. I've gone back and played almost every single Pokemon game and Emerald still stands out as the best. When a game's main problem is its soundtrack...
  20. HackerKing

    Ubers suspect testing aftermath

    I'll be honest: I don't play Ubers. I play OU. But I've still been following the Gengarite and Shadow Tag suspect tests, and I also think a lot of other OU players were too. The reason being that this was a historic moment; this was the first time that the Ubers tier had a suspect test to...