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  1. the definition of art

    I think art is something that is made with the intention of stimulating one or more of the senses, or beyond the senses. Like how a zen koan aims to frazzle your mind to the point where something without any describable quality is illuminated to you (beyond one of the senses), or a painting of a...
  2. Opening up and Looking for Advice

    Point number one - So you say she had a guy friend she would talk about things with but not with you? They were fucking. Bullet dodged. Point number two - Physically leave a snapchat group? Gonna need some more clarification. I would go back or invite them to one of the protests. Easy way to...
  3. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    Biden shit his pants on TV
  4. The Top 10 Times Players Sabotaged Their Own Teams

    Its nuts that you have a patreon account in ur sig for the smogon posts you make
  5. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    You are just gonna get a more savvy trump in 4 or 8 years if you elect Joe Biden
  6. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    I wouldnt say that Biden is necessarily the lesser of two evils. This ticky tacky triangulatiion bullshit with fiscal conservatism and female drone pilots that the democrats have been peddling that Joe Biden wants more of is the reason why Trump exists in the first place, so it stands to reason...
  7. Columbus Day or Indigenous Peoples Day

    Well, its Columbus Day.... or is it? Is it Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day? Whatever day it is, I have to make this thread. I made it last year, and Ill make it this year. So for anyone who doesnt know, Columbus Day was named after Christopher Columbus, who many consider to be a...
  8. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    Im so bored. Lets see another debate. Or a racist gaff. Or anything, really.
  9. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    I cant handle these Bernie people on my own. I need MikeDawg back. I need the Batman to my Robin. Help me out, mods.
  10. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread It clearly shows on this map of poll averages that a huge dip started about October 2nd. I fluctuated slightly downwards about a day before, which is normal, but it took a huge dip right...
  11. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    Polls definitely show a significant dip for Bernie and a proportional surge for Warren from then to here. The health thing was a big thing in peoples minds - Could a 78 year old prove healthy enough to be president? And now that perception is shattered for those people, so they switched to Warren.
  12. The rise of china

    The soft power shown by China and the possibility of them taking the place of the USA if it were to ever decline are a serious blow to the idea that The United States of America should not be the world police. America should be leading the cultural charge everywhere and it should absolutely and...
  13. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    Bernies campaign is done for. The media is gonna be hammering him with this heart thing all the time, and it will resonate with the viewer who already is worried about his health
  14. This Community is Toxic and the Mods Do Not Help.

    Mods are typically people who arent good enough to be exemplary users at the specific task relevant to their community, like competitive battling and the competitive battling forum. The only mod Ive held to be an intellectual equal of mine was myself when I was a mod. Its why Im a libertarian...
  15. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    Im not saying that you dont take the thread seriously and let people goof off. Im saying is that you let retards keep seriousposting instead of banning them. You still enforce conduct as is, and its pretty easy to see who is trying to be dumb and who is actually dumb.
  16. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    How about the mods realize that nobody is here to learn and this is all theater and stop trying to make a pokemon subforum the Library Of Alexandria and just let anyone say anything no matter how dumb it is and unban all the funny people