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  1. JAGFL

    Smogoff Plot/Lore Thread

    Hey, uhhh, this firebot sequel is pretty good and all, but I’m a bit lost on the lore and plot and stuff here? Could someone explain it to me? Or I guess you could just talk about the lore itt.
  2. JAGFL

    best place to hide a large, male, human body

    ok so for no reason in particular I seem to have gained ownership of a dead human body, who is currently sitting wrapped up like a present under my christmas tree. i would like to know where would be a good spot to hide the body, since i don’t really want to go to jail. btw, he is rather large...
  3. JAGFL

    JAGFL’s okay-ish art thread.

    Hey! Welcome to my art thread. I do basically exclusively traditional art, and sometimes (attempt to) do photography! Fakemon I’ve made for a Central/South-America-based-region: This section is basically just flowers: