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  1. onatolentino

    Online Competition Galar Beginnings

    I'm happy with my results, considering my experience with competitive before was only OU matches in Gen 6. This has been fun.
  2. onatolentino

    Online Competition Galar Beginnings

    Anyone able to play more than 15 matches per day? What happens when you do? The extra matches doesn't count for the rating?
  3. onatolentino

    Team Bazaar Archive

    :excadrill: :dragapult: :polteageist: :tyranitar: :toxapex: :rotom-heat: Been struggling a lot learning to play 3v3 and trying my way up the in-game ranked ladder. Just bred a TTar and I'm gonna try this team from now on, was using a variant with Hippowdon...
  4. onatolentino

    Pokémon Barraskewda

    What exactly does these abilities do? I can't find information about them.
  5. onatolentino

    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    Oh noes, so Stealth Rocks are present in 3v3 after all? I just got to Great Ball Tier yesterday after changing my team of 6 offensive mons to add a more defensive core with Pex, Hippowdon and Rotom-H. I'm still not fully happy with my team, but I think I can climb a bit more with it.
  6. onatolentino

    Singles 3v3 Singles (BSS) Discussion

    I've bred pokémon in-game with my knowledge of things like OU and been sweeped a lot in Battle Stadium, obviously. Trying to figure out what can I do to get better at 3v3 and I can breed to counter mons like Mimikyu and Dragapult. Any suggestions? I was thinking about OHKOing Mimikyus with an...
  7. onatolentino

    Pokémon Hawlucha

    How about Misty Surge G-Weezing as support for Lucha? Anyone tried it?
  8. onatolentino

    Pokémon Weezing-Galar

    Anyone cab recommend a set with Misty Surge to support Hawlucha?
  9. onatolentino

    Pokémon Dracovish

    Yeah, I'm suffering with my Adamant Band out of rain in cartridge against Dragapults. Gonna get a Scarf Jolly when I make a rain team then.
  10. onatolentino

    Pokémon Dracovish

    It's annoying that Rend doesn't OHKO Dragapult and Vish is OHKOed by Dragon Darts or Draco Meteor com Pult. Also even after Sticky Webs Vish can't outspeed Pult. Dragapult is the most common counter to Vish if it can switch-in safely first.
  11. onatolentino

    SS ou Team (Pex+Gsola+Thorn) ! Help appreciated :)

    Pretty standard OU team, besides Weavile. Can't really go much wrong with it, I think.
  12. onatolentino

    SS OU First Team - Wet Cheese

    Loved the nicknames, 10/10 Although, I'd consider Barraskewda for this rain team.
  13. onatolentino

    Pokémon Hawlucha

    OP sets gives preference to Brave Bird, that's what I've been running as well.
  14. onatolentino

    Pokémon Indeedee

    it's like using Pelipper but not because of Drizzle
  15. onatolentino

    Pokémon Hawlucha

    Is pincurchin viable to pair with Hawlucha with its Electric Surge?
  16. onatolentino

    SS OU Gen 8 reverse sticky web team

    IKR. The game probably detects it is your own sticky webs and doesn't activate the abilities. Showdown needs to implement this btw.
  17. onatolentino

    SS OU Gen 8 reverse sticky web team

    Unfortunately, it doesn't work:
  18. onatolentino

    SS OU Team built around Reuniclus - First team for Gen 8

    Back to competitive since Gen 6 and having Reuniclus as probably my favorite mon of all time, I decided to build a team around it. This is what it looks like: Art by @dar_alt on Twitter. Reuniclus @ Leftovers Ability: Magic Guard EVs: 252 HP / 212 Def / 44 Spe Bold Nature IVs: 0 Atk -...
  19. onatolentino

    Pokémon Corviknight

    Any other item useful to BU Corviknight besides Leftovers?