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  1. Let's try this again (OU Team)

    You mentioned a Gengar weakness, and I see one through the Sub-Punching variant. I would change Blissey to a Wish Bliss, giving you some form of hitting Gengar (Flamethrower/Toxic) and breaking the sub. You might wanna get the Ev's straightened out too lol. Here's your Typhlosion- Heatran Focus...
  2. Ooh La La RMT (OU)

    Just as a nitpick, on Celebi, I believe Jolly nature is +Speed , - Special Attack. Good luck
  3. My mixed Poke' Team

    Hi, welcome to Smogon :) I personally suggest looking at some other RMT's (in the RMT Archive especially) to see what the layout and details and such look like. Good luck in the future!
  4. Team =D (OU)

    For your BulkyGyara question... stick with Stone Edge, the coverage is great especially for opposing Gyara switch ins :)
  5. Can YOU handle a Substitute Gengar Sweep? -OU RMT-

    Just something about Gengar, if you want a recovery item, go with Leftovers over Black Sludge, I believe this topic has been discussed before. The reason is that if a pokemon that uses Trick, tricks away Black Sludge, they can Trick it back onto one of your other pokemon that it would hinder...
  6. Hopefuly not fail OU

    The electrode lead is really doing nothing for you. If you want a fast taunter that might actually do something, go with Aerodactyl. Aerodactyl @ Focus Sash Nature: Jolly EVs: 252 attack/ 252 speed/ 4 hp - taunt - stealth rock - rock slide/ stone edge - earthquake I wouldnt recommend...
  7. The Quick and the Wet (OU RMT)

    I agree, I think there are one too many rain dancers. Switch the rain dance on Scizor for Roost, and the rain dance on Kingdra for Substitute. I think that's effective, good luck.
  8. top 10 worst teams in theory but i've gone 9-2 with it

    Switch aerial ace for pursuit on Scizor, trust me it's a whole lot more effective. To deal with scizor I would personally use a DD-tar with Babiri Berry and Dragon Dance/ Fire Punch/ Stone Edge/ Crunch. good luck.
  9. Ansem1013 - OU RMT - Help Move Sets

    Torterra. Although he's your favourite pokemon, he's weak to two of the common attacking types (Fire and Ice) not really allowing for a safe switch in. Youve already got a Swampert check on Rotom as well, so I would rop Torterra.
  10. First Ever RMT (And post). WiFi OU Rain Dance Team

    Yea I think thats okay, since crunch can deal with Latias' weaker defense stat, and take down some ghosts- the only poke I think you lose out on hitting neutrally in OU is Empoleon, who resists your set without Brick Break.
  11. Team Beatdown(OU)

    Wow I really like this team it seems pretty good. I'm also glad to see someone using CursePert, that thing is a beast =|
  12. no scizor or mence? in OU? WTF?

    I think even more than half dont use Scizor or Mence... the usage is somewhere around 30 percent for Scizor and like 25 for Mence
  13. Returning after a hiatus, need some help with team (OU)

    I personally think Gliscor is one of the best baton passers, considering his bulk and only 2 weaknesses. If DD-Mence happens to get a DD in though, he could be trouble for your team. I would change the EVs on your own mence to 232 Att/ 24 SpA/ 252 Speed, which is ridiculous after a DD, allowing...
  14. My first ever Standard OU RMT

    Wow couldnt have said it better than Blackhawk, mixape has its way with this team. But you were wondering about Ice Beam/ Tbolt/ Flamethrower on Bliss. I believe the overall popular (and wise) choice is Flamethrower, seeing as Steel types are hit for super effective damage from it (bar heatran)...
  15. Scizor/Heatran Team

    Hi- your RMT is a little hard to read just as a nitpick. Scarftran could rip this team to shreds (no offense) with the typical set being able to hit every member of your team save rotom, for super effective damage. I would suggest either Blissey or Suicune to help out a little, seeing as with...
  16. Rate my OU team (Check)

    I would swap U-turn on Scizor for X-Scissor, that way you dont lose stat boosts. If you go with Flashstorm's ideas, I dont really see any glaring weaknesses. Good luck.
  17. RMT Please :)

    I would suggest making swampert your lead, for his bulk and ability to get rocks up. Just swap him and Dusknoir, and run this set instead: Swampert @ Leftovers Nature: Relaxed Ability: Torrent EVs: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 6 Att (opposite yours allows it do function as a wall better as well as hitting...
  18. Ask a simple question, get a simple answer — Mk II

    What do you do if you run shoddy and it says "Unable to load application"?
  19. The Very Exciting Team [OU RMT]

    Oh I agree with you there Cyber-Elf that makes a lot of sense. Thanks for the rate, I'm definitely going to try that.