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  1. Kingriolu

    Garchomp (reassigned)

    Overview ************* +130 attack will ensure that a stab unresisted outrage/earthquake will hurt. +102 speed allows it to outspeed base 100 pokemon and landorus. +108/95/85 defenses allows it take a few hits. +Rough skin punishes most physical attacking pokemon. +Great coverage in the form...
  2. Kingriolu

    Arghonaut (QC:0/2)

    Arghonaut QC:0/2 GP:0/1 Overview ######## + Base 110 attack is quite powerful + 105/95/100 defenses allows it to survive a super-effective hit or two + Unaware is an excellent ability, allowing it to ignore stat changes in the opponent + Access to coverage moves such as Stone Edge, Earthquake...