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  1. Remi the mimikyu user

    SS OU Scarlet Rags (Peak 1778/1700s, Mimikyu webs) (Special thanks to Ruft)

    Mimikyu defeated another 3 Hydreigeon, Bisharp and Kommo-o's. She took a break, and found the things she touched were scarlet. As she looked at her hands, the howls of the screams of the psychics she defeated ringed in her ears. her tail full of ash, from the Dragapults and cloysters she...
  2. Remi the mimikyu user

    SS OU First RMT, A webs team that has Peaked 1300s->1500s (Open for all suggestions!)

    Hi people, I'm Remi here and today I am gonna post my first RMT, A webs team I made. Pls rate! Proof of peak 1300s: (highest 1350s, but I only have this replay) 2nd peak 1300s1 to 3 days after first...