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  1. Ivy

    Your Smogoff Niche

    lol big PP
  2. Ivy

    Meme Thread Mk. 2

    I'm taking this up to the Internet Ombudsman!
  3. Ivy

    Metagame Pokébilities [OM of the Month]

    Pretty obviously a misspelling of Bolt Beak.
  4. Ivy

    post obscure/good text faces and their uses itt

  5. Ivy


    fuck it dude let's go bowling!
  6. Ivy

    what is the noun for someone that goes to smogon?

  7. Ivy

    ITT: All posts must be in alphabetical order.

    misssion failed. we'll get 'em next time (don't make a next time actually happen though thanks)
  8. Ivy

    Format Discussion Metronome Battles

    This bypass is known and intentional since it's so terrible. If you do want to keep trying it, though, I suggest Diglett, since it has the lowest defensive stats. Equip an Iron Barb too.
  9. Ivy

    general chat thread

    Remove reacts; return to empty quote tradition
  10. Ivy

    amogus thread

    Seek help. (also use this thread instead:
  11. Ivy

    tier list no one asked for ou chat takes vr

    free g-darm for S tier. Final offer
  12. Ivy

    bad joke that only the OP likes Genocide tier list

    he's right, but he doesn't need to say it. —marge sompson
  13. Ivy

    some helpful Posting tips

    You know what? Here at smogoff we like to have fun. Let's do something zany. Enjoy being stickied. A little treat, from the mod's to you :pimp:
  14. Ivy

    Metagame Pokébilities [OM of the Month]

    I tend to see it on sand teams with Retaliate as a decent revenge killer and as one of the few extant Sand Rush users. Still an overall pretty niche pick when sand already has zolt to fixate on; they don't particularly synergize with each other.
  15. Ivy

    explain what your avatar is

  16. Ivy

    help me get revenge on my neighbours

    Owning the libs with an invasive kudzu army
  17. Ivy

    explain what your avatar is

    I took a page from internet and am now a bug enjoyer
  18. Ivy

    bad joke that only the OP likes Bones I Found In The Woods (read the disclaimer)

    Get out of here, Sans Undertale. I was going to call out the live cat, but you rightfully claimed that there are bones inside of that lovely creature
  19. Ivy

    just a website basically Frogon University

    Toads are frogs, but frogs are not toads. Capische? Or, to spell it out logically, toad → frog, frog ¬→ toad.
  20. Ivy

    Metagame Pokébilities [OM of the Month]

    Late on this but Hamlette is joining the council and even made a delightful piece of art to boot!