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  1. clapyourhands

    Megas for All Art Project

    Approved by Zracknel Megas for All Art Project This is the art thread for the Megas for All pet mod started by acestriker19 in the Other Metagames subforum. Welcome to the Megas for All Art Thread! This is where you can submit sprites and designs for the Megas designed in the Megas...
  2. clapyourhands

    First RMT

    First RMT thread. I've tested this team out over the past few months, and while far from perfect, its been pretty reliable. I've done some tweaking between battles (boosting an EV here and there to survive a certain move, switching out a Pokemon for one better suited for the role), but...
  3. clapyourhands

    Clap's Pokebank Giveaway

    Clap's Pokebank Giveaway NOTE: Winter break's ended, so while the giveaway isn't closed persay, it may take a while for me to respond to requests; likely, they won't be fulfilled until the weekend. Just a heads-up. With the delay of Pokebank, there's been quite a lot of clamoring for...