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  1. Darkreaper

    ORAS OU Banded Flinch Please ft. Kidz Bop (Peaked Top 50 with 84 gxe)

    Hello there esteemed users of the smogon community. I am here to get advice on a team that has been showing some decent success getting me to top 50 with an 84 gxe. However, the squad has some serious issues which limited my laddering success to only 41. I hope rates here will help fix the...
  2. Darkreaper

    ORAS OU Mexican Cena - Hawlucha Offense, Peaked #15

    Hey everyone, here is a team I built with 2D over 3D Huge shoutout to him for helping me build the team, testing it and laddering with me. This team was built around a core I made starring Hawlucha. It was built 3 months ago but has been constantly performing well on ladder, holding it's own...
  3. Darkreaper

    ORAS OU Speed Junkies (Trick Room Offense Peaked 92 on Ladder)

    LOL at the size of this. Sorry for that but I can't really fix it D: Yo what's up guys? This is Darkreaper here with another RMT. I wasn't planning on doing an RMT on this team, but it has been extremely successful in tours, ladders, and friendly fights built with a lot of innovative sets that...
  4. Darkreaper

    ORAS OU The Forgotten Fat Lord: Mega Latias (Semistall Peaked 1700+)

    Thanks gig25 for the banner :) He was also the one who suggested building around mega Latias. There is the team preview before we get started! Hey guys, Darkreaper215 here with my newest team in Oras OU. I decided to sit down and ladder before this supposed "Ladder Reset" that hasn't happened...
  5. Darkreaper

    ORAS OU Damn you Sonired! Calm Mind Raikou Bulky Offense Team

    Hello Everyone! This is Darkreaper215 here with my newest team that I spent 3 days building and testing in tours, and people in chat. I have not laddered with it yet but plan on. Before we get started, I must tell everyone that this title is very appropriate as Sonired, my close friend helped me...