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  1. Sijih

    post obscure/good text faces and their uses itt

    don't violate the joke format reference's list of deprecated formats. also don't make any ironic posts that intentionally violate the joke format reference. like this one: "last"
  2. Sijih

    just a website basically ITT post iceberg charts here

    lspfo it doesn't actually mean anything. just thought people should read the second letter of the third word in every guideline.
  3. Sijih

    just a website basically ITT post iceberg charts here

    read the second letter of the third word in every guideline...
  4. Sijih

    "where," A lot of places... :psycry: but I'm back

    "where," A lot of places... :psycry: but I'm back
  5. Sijih


    my favorite form of art is scientific diagrams. they can be used to gain an understanding of The Real World. i have recently been pondering the question of how different animals would use the internet. I believe I have Found The Answer, and as such would like to share my explanatory "recreation...
  6. Sijih

    What Happens to Smogon If Chaos Dies

    there is something you must understand... Chaos is a digital being... back in the days of pokemon netbattle the number of messages sent each hour over that platform was immense... and each one of those lines of text travelled through the same main server, then got sent out hundreds of times to...
  7. Sijih

    The Creative Process

    haven't showered in 8 months. I try to let the grime inspire creativity, but maybe your method is better i know a chemist who can give me pure caffeine. do you think spreading that on my morning toast instead of butter would be a good alternative to energy drinks? last time i tried to use...
  8. Sijih

    thread thread

  9. Sijih

    The Creative Process

    Hello. Some of you may not know this, but I extensively write fan fiction about what would happen if different Harry Potter characters were in a high stakes single elimination ping pong tournament with a £40 million prize pool. Vincent Crabbe is about to win, mostly due to the fact that his name...
  10. Sijih

    Friday Night Siiva Song Tier List

    Edit: I am not (yet) infallible and all-knowing so I was mistaken when I said that this thread had the same songs as the other Friday Night Funkin' Thread. Despite this, Smogoff has still reached it's quota of Friday Night Funk so this thread will stay locked
  11. Sijih

    I'd like to say that your 'bad avatar' for the DPP remakes thing is truly masterfully chosen. It...

    I'd like to say that your 'bad avatar' for the DPP remakes thing is truly masterfully chosen. It really is the ideal bad avatar in terms of look, content, and believability.
  12. Sijih

    smogoff amoonguss — end

    I saw you kill mf in Cafeteria on Night 4. Here's my case: To conclude: The idea that one of Ivy or I must be an imposter is wrong. No-one, including me, realized this until now. What matters now is that I saw Mace get a kill on cameras. What this means to you, the bystander, is...
  13. Sijih

    announcing the competitive pokemon event of the generation

    az's undefeated reign of terror over the pokemon community has lasted for too long... it appears that only in the shadow dimension of vader can az be beaten - but courageous za doesn't possess enough smod wizardy powers nor do enough illegal substances to access v's alternative reality but...
  14. Sijih

    create a new word

    i pronounce it jes-mick-kamash-watchas. regional differences are crazy, right? for those interested in the phonetic alphabet my pronunciation is as follows: soʼɢtɯɸɗɴʔptqɹʼʊɲʊuʈ anyways my word is hnnnnngnggnnnwaaaaaagh. it's an onomatopoeia, but i'm not yet sure for what
  15. Sijih

    How do i patch up my profile?

    Hello welcome to smogoff, the crown-jewel of all of smogon's forums just here to mention that in the future simple questions like this would be best asked in the smogon simple question simple answers thread
  16. Sijih

    why does festive exist HELP

  17. Sijih

    this is your reminder it’s time to wash your water bottle

    there's water inside it so it gets washed automatically... why would i need to wash it again... :blobthinking:
  18. Sijih

    Happy 46th birthday to GamemasterAnthony

    I, Sijih, am the most generous Smogoffer of all!