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  1. Jase Duken

    Any Romanian people here?

    In my 2 years on forums/ps I havent meet another Romanian once. Tbh I hope to see some people where I was born.
  2. Jase Duken

    Project USUM Ubers Teambuilding Workshop v1

    approved by Nayrz Hi I'm Jase Duken! Throughout my time in Ubers I have noticed that a good chunk of newer players do not know how to effectively team build or have no access to good creative teams to get started with. In an effort to rectify that, I have joined with several experienced Uber...
  3. Jase Duken

    SM Ubers Sticky Situation (400th post RMT)

    Sticky Situation Introduction Hello, this is going to be my 4th RMT and maybe the most successful build so far in Ubers I have made. I know webs is a huge trend going on in Ubers and everyone have their ways of building it, but still happy what this team has done. I made a similar RMT to...
  4. Jase Duken

    SM Ubers Gotti (Peak #36 1699 86.8 GXE)

    Gotti Hello this is Jase Duken. some of you may not know me but I was a Monotype main for awhile. So, I decided to play something else outside of mono so I gave Ubers a try. Only reason I wanted to main Ubers because almost all my favorite Pokemon in that tier. Anyways my mindset getting...
  5. Jase Duken

    Monotype Stainless Steel, Peaked 1550, 82.5% GXE

    [Monotype] Steel - Peaked 1550 (Still Going ) The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire .. Introduction Hi guys, Jase Duken here, I am very new to the monotype tier in general, while I have always enjoyed reading the associated Monotype articles and...
  6. Jase Duken

    ORAS OU Scoliosis (Hazard Spam+ Steel Spam), Peaked 1812, 80.1% GXE

    ______________________________________ Team Preview : ______________________________________ Introduction Hey Jase Duken here, welcome to my first OU RMT featuring an offensive Bug Spam dual hazard squad utilizing Mega Scizor and of course...