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  1. Seven Deadly Sins

    The Next Generation of Quality Control

    At the beginning of a generation, C&C always has issues dealing with the influx of new users, and often it means that we overcompensate for some of those issues. The past C&C term has seen the size and scope of QC balloon far past its original intention, and it's about time we bring QC back to...
  2. Seven Deadly Sins

    The OU Quality Control Team

    The Quality Control (QC) Team The Quality Control team is responsible to ensure every OU analysis is up to the high standards Smogon expects for its content. These analyses are being viewed by thousands of individuals across the world, so a high standard of quality is necessary. If the QC team...
  3. Seven Deadly Sins

    Lucario (QC 0/3)

    Lucario Overview ######## Mega Lucario ban hurts viability seriously Still has important tools Steel a more useful attacking type, but less good defensively- can't switch into dark attacks as easily, no ghost resistance Extremespeed out-priorities Gale Wings, so Lucario is a Fighting-type...
  4. Seven Deadly Sins

    IMPORTANT: Use both Tab Header and Set Name in sets

    What the thread title says. Due to a typo in the template, the set name was accidentally left off. It is important that the set name be included in the set. Please update all analyses you are writing when you see this.
  5. Seven Deadly Sins

    Generation 6 Analysis Format

    As most of you can probably tell, Smogon is going through a lot of changes for this new generation, and one of the biggest is a massive change to the SCMS. With this change comes a huge opportunity for us to move forward and refine our current analysis format, and starting with Generation 6's...
  6. Seven Deadly Sins

    ATTENTION: Analysis Format Changes (Name your sets, don't separate Mega Evos, use the old set style)

    This sticky documents changes to the preview format. Name your sets. It makes it easier to communicate the intent of the set, so that users and QC members can more effectively critique (and later utilize) the sets. If you have a question of what to call the set, feel free to make a guess and...
  7. Seven Deadly Sins

    [OU] Breloom (small changes to 2 sets)

    Changes to be made: Add Fight Gem and Focus Sash to the Swords Dance set Add Fight Gem and Focus Punch to the All-Out Attacker set Any other suggestions? [SET] name: Physical Attacker move 1: Low Sweep / Focus Punch move 2: Mach Punch move 3: Bullet Seed move 4: Spore / Stone Edge item: Life...
  8. Seven Deadly Sins

    Gliscor (GP 0/2) [WIP]

    DFA's thread. [Overview] [SET] name: SubToxic move 1: Substitute move 2: Toxic move 3: Protect / Taunt / Roost move 4: Earthquake item: Toxic Orb ability: Poison Heal nature: Impish evs: 244 HP / 28 Def / 236 Spe [SET COMMENTS] [ADDITIONAL COMMENTS] [SET] name: Defensive...
  9. Seven Deadly Sins

    Volcarona (QC 3/3) (GP 2/2)

    [Overview] - One of the few worthwhile bug-types to make it into OU - unique typing with solid resists and excellent coverage - utterly ridiculous stats - quiver dance is amazing - quiver dance is amazing? - insane in the sun, ok in the rain if built for it, can function in sand, basically an...
  10. Seven Deadly Sins

    Project: Overviews- Mark II

    Welcome to the new Project Overviews! I'm going to leave out a lot of the overhead of the last thread and just get down to business here. Overviews need a lot of improvement across the board, and we're going to use this thread to make sure that any "sub-par" overviews get revamped. What I'm not...
  11. Seven Deadly Sins

    Breloom [GP 2/2]

    [Overview] <p>Breloom's ability roster is the gift that keeps on giving. In Generation 3, it was saddled with poor defenses, a near-worthless ability, and a branding as a bit of a one-trick pony. Granted, it was a neat trick, but it just didn't cut it. Generation 4 gave it Poison Heal, which is...
  12. Seven Deadly Sins

    Data CALCULATOR WORK: Moveset Database Generation Thread

    As people on IRC know, I'm working on THE ULTIMATE REF TOOL for our ASB refs out there to standardize and simplify calculations. To this end, I need a working Javascript database for all the moves in the game. This is why I'm enlisting you guys! All you need to do is convert the move data from...
  13. Seven Deadly Sins

    SDS' Revamp List

    Abomasnow Analysis: Yes, it's OU. Revamp: No. Other notes: reorder sets? physical / mixed / band / scarf / subseed Bouffalant Analysis: Yes, Sap Sipper lets it destroy Amoonguss for free. Revamp: Yes, the current analysis is terrible. Other notes: Refer to it as Afrobull! also use...
  14. Seven Deadly Sins

    Landorus-T (GP 2/2)

    [Overview] <p>As is befitting of its ability, Landorus-T is a Pokemon that is somewhat more intimidating than dangerous. When it was first announced, its massive 145 base Attack struck fear into the hearts of players everywhere, but in practice, it's not the harbinger of doom that everyone...
  15. Seven Deadly Sins


    Due to some concerns raised regarding the quality and necessity of some new analyses, I'm implementing the following policies effective immediately. 1. Not every Pokemon is going to get a full revamp We have a lot of quality analyses on-site, and for those Pokemon that don't need full revamps...
  16. Seven Deadly Sins

    OU QC Shakeup!

    To address the recent activity issues for OU QC, we're going through a revamp and some changes that will see pretty much a full turnover of OU QC. While things aren't finalized yet, there's one thing i do need to announce right now. Congratulations to our new OU QC members: yee shrang...
  17. Seven Deadly Sins

    The flashiest of Flashmatches! Terrador vs. Mr. L! Reffed by SDS!

    2v2 Singles ASB Tourney Arena 1-Day DQ 2 Rec/5 Chill 2 Sub All Abilities Switch = KO Items = Training Mr. L sends out, Terrador sends out and orders, Mr. L orders, I ref. HOP TO
  18. Seven Deadly Sins

    Data ASB Feedback & Game Issues Thread (New Proposal Handling System in OP)

    This thread can be used to address any issues with the game or suggested changes to mechanics or moves. It largely replaces the discussion section of the State of the Game system, and can be posted in by all players. Rules: Be respectful. Posts that are found insulting, demeaning, or...
  19. Seven Deadly Sins

    Data ASB Implementation Announcement Thread (Abilities, Items, Z-Crystal Buffs and more!)

    This thread will effectively replace the State of the Game threads that were previously used to announce and maintain changes to the game system. You can check this thread for all updates to the game system. ediZt: list below has been outdated for more than 2 years, sorry. Please check most...
  20. Seven Deadly Sins

    The Legend Run: (Rediamond) Abandoned Power Plant

    Rediamond TEAM Gardevoir* [Dreamer] (Female) Nature: Bold (+* Defense, -*Attack) Type: Psychic Psychic: Psychic STAB; less susceptible to blinding, more susceptible to sound-based assaults as far as locking on with Psychic attacks, can lift and throw opponents with Psychic regardless of...