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  1. Giagantic

    ORAS OU The Immortals

    ~The Immortals~ ~ It is time to commemorate the arbitrary number of 100 with an RMT of one of my few teams, "The Immortals". This team was designed and built in early January and it was the last team I built before becoming obsessed with more gimmicky joke teams that I used a few times and...
  2. Giagantic

    Pulled a Houdini (Mega-Alakazam Team)

    Hello, fellow Smogonites, I have returned with my second RMT that focuses around an under-estimated mega in the form of Alakazam. If you do not know me, I am a active Showdown player and well-known within the OU chat lobby, I am a pretty good player that at my best reached 1890 on the OU Ladder...
  3. Giagantic

    Mawile Ate Your Face!!! Mega-Mawile Team

    Hello folks of the Smogon, I am a frequent Pokemon Showdown User and high ranked OU player(not that the ladder means anything) and have been watching many other fellow Ps users posting RMT's of their own and felt the need to also be apart of this movement. As such I present, my Mega-Mawile Team...