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  1. Playa

    Southern Beauty

    Intro: Unfortunately US South made an early departure from the World Cup and Salamence recently found itself being moved into ubers, so my time with this team is over. It has served me quite well, going undefeated in the World Cup and also reaching both the OU and Suspect (with a slight...
  2. Playa

    Monkey Business. OU RMT

    I've been using this team for a while now, and while I have no real major successes to boast about I feel as though it is one of the best teams I've ever used. I always seem to miss sign ups for tournaments on here, and I haven't the time nor patience for laddering, especially with my crappy...
  3. Playa

    THE UNEXPECTED (full on offense)

    Expect the Unexpected I present to you ladies and gentleman the funnest team i have ever had the pleasure of using. I can't describe to you the thrill of using these pokemon and crushing all those standard thinking trainers. This team may look gimmicky but boy does it work. Celebi revenge...
  4. Playa

    WEEENER -- my top 50 team

  5. Playa

    WOW!! how strange

  6. Playa

    professional help??