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  1. Celever

    Challenge The Optimized Button Press Challenge

    Actually, a no A-Button press does seem feasible in HGSS. The touch screen has its own A-Button in the bottom right corner that you can press in the overworld to talk to NPCs, use HMs, and the like. The restriction would be no use of items outside of battle, and further no equipping items to...
  2. Celever

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    Diamond and Pearl also has the roaming trainers that battle you once a day in Pokémon Centres. When I played through and wanted a Wormadam-Trash-Cloak, that's what I used (since Lake Valor and the Lost Tower are too late in the game and Burmy really wants to evolve at level 20). Never crossed...
  3. Celever

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    I know some Europeans complain about getting shafted by game companies almost too often, but this is different. This is awful business practice. It seems Game Freak or Nintendo skimped...
  4. Celever

    Format Discussion Pokemon Sword & Shield Random Battle Sets

    So this was answered here. EVs modify the stats of Pokémon. In randbats this is averaged out because optimal EVs are tailored to the metagame that Pokémon exist in. In the name of having each Pokémon behave fairly authentically, their stats remain close to their base stats. Cobalion has the...
  5. Celever

    Tournament Challenge Cup Cup - Week 6

    Won in 2 ggs! Second game very imbalanced teams tbh. g1 g2
  6. Celever

    Unpopular opinions

    While I love Megas and think they're a great mechanic, there's license to describe them as lazy in wider context. XY has to date introduced the smallest number of new Pokémon ever, and while it has a healthy number including Megas, I think it's fairly universal to say fans would rather have more...
  7. Celever

    Unpopular opinions

    I mean, wasn’t it in like 3 episodes? Tauros is a more iconic Ash-owned Pokémon and the only episode it was in never aired in the west :P
  8. Celever

    Pokémon Movepool Oddities & Explanations

    While it would fit, Misty Explosion is exclusive to Fairy-Type Pokémon right now. If it ever gets expanded distribution, I’m sure Blacephalon will be first in line. Misty Explosion itself is a weird move that shouldn’t really exist. It feels very disconnected from what the Fairy-Type is...
  9. Celever

    Tournament Challenge Cup Cup - Week 5

    Won in 3 vs good fren javitu very ggs :3 Our battles went as close as ever with evenly matched teams but g2 showdown! decided to bless me with one of the most uneven matchups ever. g1...
  10. Celever

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    There are 3. I think the one you’re referring to is challenge cup, where Pokémon receive fully random sets out of moves they are able to ordinarily learn. Unfortunately, the 6v6 version of this is challenge only so you need to find a friend to play with. Otherwise, random battles has random...
  11. Celever

    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    Swalot’s designed to be a fun and splashable in-game mon. Access to lots of odd moves (Shock Wave, Water Pulse, Ice Beam, Earthquake) to give it a variety of fun matchups in Gen III, and fun sets in competitive using moves with pretty small distribution like Yawn and Encore. It’s meant to just...
  12. Celever

    Tournament Challenge Cup Cup - Week 4

    Won in 2 ggs ^^ - most Toxic Spikes immune team to face Toxic Spikes ever - Shared Power Arena Trap makes me sad
  13. Celever

    Little things you like about Pokémon

    In fairness it isn't unheard of. Pokémon in the Mystery Dungeon series own houses, though you usually only get to see the protagonist's (which isn't even their own, but their buddy's who just gives it to them and then lives off-screen somewhere). The Happiny portrait is a really nice touch. If...
  14. Celever

    Rejected A mode for fan and/or fusion Pokémon

    So what you’re suggesting, that users can just add Pokémon to the server to use on their teams even if only in formats such as Hackmons, is impossible because there will be trolls who use it to upload nsfw content and show it to kids. This is why uploading custom sprites itself isn’t...
  15. Celever

    Pokemon 25th Anniversary Celebration!

    As much as the 25th anniversary has been largely disappointing (and I’m sure would have been far less so if not for COVID; I was always sad as a kid that I never got to see the touring live orchestra and I think they would have brought it back) I just need to stand in and defend Post Malone for...
  16. Celever

    "Worst Pokémon Ever"

    Unfezant actually IS outclassed by Farfetch’d. They share the same design space. I’d argue Unfezant is more so Gen V’s “version” of Farfetch’d gameplay-wise, since they share the same “unique” strategy, which is critting all the time. Unfezant’s interesting use in battle was meant to be Super...
  17. Celever

    (Little) Things that annoy you in Pokémon

    So this is one of the littlest things in Pokémon that could annoy anybody but after learning this I’m somewhat astounded more than anything else. Remember Early Bird? One of those abilities introduced in Gen III which Game Freak realised was comparably pretty weak and decided to never give to...
  18. Celever

    Smogon Simple Questions & Suggestions Thread

    There isn’t a thread yet because it’s in alpha and just uses Random Doubles sets. Once Random Battles staff make specific Free-For-All sets, I’m sure a thread will be created in the Random Battles subforum.
  19. Celever

    Tournament Challenge Cup Cup - Week 3

    Won in 2 with us both having p bad teams both times lol ggs