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  1. Kennedy

    A couple /topusers improvements

    Hey, it'd be cool if when looking through specific users' line counts it had their total for the month at the bottom or somewhere else. Would make it easier rather than looking through the list with all the users for the user who's activity you want to look at. Additionally it'd be great if...
  2. Kennedy

    In Progress Some hangman improvements

    Just a few small improvements that I think would make the hangman thing a little better: 1) Allow the person that started the hangman to play if it was a random hangman, they gain no advantage as it's randomly picked so they should be able to play too. 2) Add /hangman terms to the /help...
  3. Kennedy

    Pending Room buttons in room & staff intros

    Hi, so there was a change recently that stopped allowing certain types of buttons in staff intros and room intros unless done by a global staff member. The only ones that are currently allowed are ones that PM bots or ones that link to other rooms. I'd like to request a couple other types of...