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  3. Gen 3 ADV OU Viability Ranking

    I've been laddering a bit with the camel and wanted to chime in to say a couple things a) sub + stabs + boom feels like the best set---sub lets camel hard-commit less by letting you scout out their immediate response and punishes attempts to catch booms by giving camerupt a buffer in the event...
  4. Project OU Player Interview: #2: ABR

    top 3 deli meats and top 3 cheeses?
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  7. The Well #67 - BKC

    thoughts on beans
  8. why was that in italics

    why was that in italics
  9. sir this is a wendy's

    sir this is a wendy's
  10. gj on exactly 60.3k likes!

    gj on exactly 60.3k likes!
  11. gj on exactly 60k likes!

    gj on exactly 60k likes!
  12. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    Sanders is totally unviable. Just stack 3 center-right dems in a trenchcoat, and he has no chance! Because that's totally how this works! Really astute analysis there: "x will happen because I say so." Shit like that doesn't even fly in a middle school classroom lmao I dunno where you get off...
  13. Finchinator

  14. it really do be like that

    it really do be like that
  15. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    You need to provide evidence to support your claims, my guy. You can't sling heavy accusations---"Bernie didn't actually do shit"---with zero supplying of evidence on your end. Warren Gunnels is literally Sanders' senior policy adviser and has been a staffer of his for two decades; he's very...
  16. Serious 2020 Democratic Primary Thread

    I find it immensely funny that linking evidence to the contrary of 'standard neo-liberal nonsense talking point #35,526' is met with a Trump-esque retort baselessly asserting that a senior Sanders staffer (and current senior advisor) is lying through his teeth with no supporting evidence given...