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  1. Smogon's Forum Invitational - Round Two

    GameFAQs(4) vs. Pokemon Online (5) duh555 vs phop this could be close Scofield vs Eternal this is difficult but ete is my favorite indra1994 vs Picklesword tbh, didnt expect that remlabmez vs M Dragon probably Team Po's top gun numba 1 Philip7086 vs kokoloko well, koko is not bad but...
  2. I'm an One Man Army.

    I'm an One Man Army.
  3. Moody

    It was a few weeks ago and u can ask crytal moogle who told me that ohko moves arent banned atm -_-
  4. Moody

    oooh pls, ban this inconsistent and ohko moves. I dropped so extremely cuz of this. da top was mine with 1689 points on PO Server. Then i lost against a random who used glalie with an ohko move called sheer cold. dont tell me anything about roar etc. i used my tran but roar missed againts its +4...