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  1. WHAT IS AN R4?

    hey guys my friend recently go this thing called an R4 and it could play old nes games and stuff could someone give me a detailed explanation on what an R4 if it would work for my DS LITE also, if you bought one online, please send me the link so that i can get one too. lemme know which is...
  2. a little help please?

    hey guys i have this song stuck in my head and its driving me crazy. i do not know the name of it and all i have is that little segment of it. Can someone please help me by telling me the name of it please? thank you
  3. Eze's trade thread

    Hello and welcome to my trade thread Rules: 1. Post the trade here, then pm me 2. Don't trade me hacks, I don't. 3. My Pokemon are NOT REDISTRIBUTABLE 4. I can only RNG abuse in emerald/diamond therefore my pokemon are IV abused 5. All of my Pokemon are from emerald/diamond 6. I can...