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  1. Nickg07

    Scraggy Ice Punch, DD, DP, FP 5 IV + Flawless MixMence DD, Hydro

    All these pokemon are bred by myself in Y. They are not cloned and are all original unless specified. OT: NICKG. Pokemon Y FC 1478 4234 8912 LF Other 5 IV pokemon with Egg moves/Natures in competative varieties Ability Capsules - will pay 2x of any 5x IV poke below FT new and updated...
  2. Nickg07

    GEN5 Shiny Poke'thon. I take on breeeding projects...(that are worth my while..)

    Yes, i can now RNG abuse Shiny Pokemon! Checkout my awesome breedings below! Services that i offer: Pokemon Breeding projects. It goes like this, if you can send me any Male Pokemon with egg moves (IV's are not a care at all) i can turn it into a Shiny Pentaflawless as below. If you send...
  3. Nickg07

    Pre-Set Legendaries?

    Hi guys, ive just been SR for some legendaries mainly on emerald but across the board and yesterday i came up with an exact dupe of a legendary that i had just caught! think it was a groudon. i put it down to chance (im talking all 6 stats the same and the same nature). but its just happened...
  4. Nickg07

    pls Help - Natures, IV's etc!

    hi guys, i have a quick question regarding IV's and that on Pokemon Pearl. When you go onto the Poke summary it shows the nature, and also what the highest IV is, i.e "Often Dozes off" means it has 31IV HP or there or thereabouts. Now, if i know a pokemon has 3 maxed out IV's which message do...