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  1. Djura

    Destiny 2 - Do it for the Grand Canyon

    Last Destiny thread is almost a year old so I might as well restart it Destiny 2 release schedule Destiny 2 is out worldwide on consoles! PC ( - October 24 Tag spoilers when possible, especially for PC players! Good hunting, Guardians!
  2. Djura

    Generation 7 encounter and gift RNG guide [GP 1/2]

    Introduction Once thought impossible, 3DS RNG has arrived in Generation 7 after a five-year-long absence. Like past generations of the Pokemon games, taking advantage of RNG in the 3DS games allow one to obtain Pokemon with desired traits, such as perfect IV spreads, Hidden Powers, and even...
  3. Djura

    Djura's RNG services (soft opening)

    Been a while since I've been here, might as well come back. Djura's RNG services (soft opening) Rules All standard Wi-Fi forum rules apply. This has been said so many times, but no hacks or otherwise illegal Pokemon. Yes, this includes illegal region data. I have a job and get tired easily...
  4. Djura

    Manesh Arceus Code Giveaway: Judgment Day

    Hi all, it's me again, this time I am giving away codes for the new Manesh Arceus event. I thought this was going to be a one-time giveaway on Facebook, but I was wrong. Turns out my local retailer's giving out codes for each TCG product. As with my last giveaway, you are required to write at...
  5. Djura

    Manesh Hoopa Code Giveaway: The Hoopaning (Closed for now)

    Hey all, it's me again, with another giveaway. This time, it's for Hoopa codes being given out in Southeast Asia. This is the first Hoopa distribution that's happening outside of Japan, so it's not one to miss. What's the catch? This time, you'll have to post your (real-life) buyer's remorse...
  6. Djura

    SG Summer'15 Shiny Rayquaza Code Giveway

    Hey all. I'm doing a SG Summer'15 shiny Rayquaza code giveaway. I currently live in the Philippines and my local retailer's giving away one code per Roaring Skies booster pack. In exchange, I want to know what your most influential video game is and why it has made a significant impact in your...