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  1. 24hanimewatcher

    [Gen 8] OFFLINE! 5IV Ponyta Dreamball Giveaway

    Hi :), as a consequence of shiny breeding Ponyta I've got tons of them in my boxes waiting for new owners. They all have 5IVs, Paste Veil and Jolly nature. I would gladly accept other breedject Aprimons or Fish-/Drake fossils, but you dont have to since this is a giveaway. MY STATUS: OFFLINE...
  2. 24hanimewatcher

    Breeders Paradise, Taking Orders for TrickRoom/5IV competetive Pokes (Updated as of 2020-01-26)

    Hi folks, in addtition to my thread I offer as of today: Update 28.01: Not added in list yet: Looking for: - Any Apri+Poke Combo preferably with HA I dont own yet - Apricorn-, Dream-, Master and Beast Balls - relevant Mints Services I offer: - Breeding 0...