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  1. PokePoindexter

    Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Shiny Pokemon

    Let's talk about Shiny Pokemon. Which ones would (or did) you go to the depths of hell and back to get, and which ones would you sell your soul to never waste the random encounter chance on? There's a few of mine. Feel free to share yours.
  2. PokePoindexter

    Pokemon That You've Grown To Like Recently

    If there's at least one Pokemon from a previous generation that has become one of your favorites within the past few months or so, feel free to share it and how it did here. So to start us off, these are the most recent additions to my personal list of all-time favorites: Can't really talk...
  3. PokePoindexter

    OU Morpeko

    [SET] name: Spinning the Hamster Wheel move 1: Aura Wheel move 2: Brick Break move 3: Crunch / Wild Charge move 4: Fire Fang / Seed Bomb item: Choice Band ability: Hunger Switch nature: Adamant evs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Morpeko is an interesting win condition that can...
  4. PokePoindexter

    Pokémon Morpeko

    MORPEKO / Base Stats: 58 HP / 95 Attack / 58 Defense / 70 Sp. Atk / 58 Sp. Def / 97 Speed Abilities: Hunger Switch Notable Moves: [/spoiler] -Agility -Aura Wheel -Crunch -Fake Out -Fire Fang -Ice Fang -Outrage -Parting Shot -Psychic Fangs -Rapid Spin -Seed Bomb -Stomping Tantrum -Super...
  5. PokePoindexter

    Make Your Own Regional Variants

    Apologies if this thread is in the wrong forum; it just seemed like the right place to post it. Feel free to move it if it's not. Anyway, one thing I loved about Generation 7 was the introduction of Alola forms. To me, they helped to create newer, more interesting versions of Pokemon that...