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  1. Serene Grace

    Metagame Post LCWC Team/Set Dump

    Hi, post your teams and/or cool sets that you used this season here! I will be posting mine as well approved by Coconut
  2. Serene Grace

    SM LC Killshot

    Introduction Yahallo vrothers, with Baton Pass finally banned I feel comfortable RMTing one of my favorite quick pass teams built around the corebreaker known as Z Me First Mienfoo. While previously known, it was still a totally obscure threat until I first used it in LC Open Finals for an...
  3. Serene Grace

    Little Cup Playhouse Cup (LCPC) Round 1

    Taken over from Conni Approval from Quite Quiet art is coming soon™ LITTLE CUP PLAYHOUSE CUP COMPETE IN TEAMS OF THREE AND FIGHT OTHER TEAMS WITH YOUR LC POKÉMON, WHICH TEAM WILL PREVAIL AND BE THE BEST GROUP OF LCERS? RULES You will compete in teams of three, the team members aside...
  4. Serene Grace

    Bugs that directly influence the outcome of a game

    Hello everyone, I want to talk about the policy regarding server errors/bugs that directly impact the outcome of the game. The context of this is a recent DPP LC game in LCPL where an impossible damage roll completely changed the game. Both sides submitted teams prior to the match and it was...
  5. Serene Grace

    Slurpuff [1/3]

    COCO PUFS [OVERVIEW] Is a decent sweeper and late game cleaner because of its access to Belly Drum and Unburden which maximizes its attack and doubles its speed respectively Its good typing and decent bulk grants it set up opportunities, especially against common Fighting and Dragon types...
  6. Serene Grace

    Galvantula QC [1/3]

    [OVERVIEW] Galvantula is the strongest Sticky Web user in the tier and is able to threaten common hazard removers like Mantine and Gligar It has a high speed tier and uses a strong STAB combination of Thunder and Bug Buzz. It is relatively weak with only 92 Spatk meaning that it is reliant on...
  7. Serene Grace

    Resource SM LC Creative and Underrated Sets

    approved by Quote Op adapted from Cynde in SM UU Creative Sets What constitutes an underrated and / or creative moveset? Creative Movesets would be those that are: Not commonly seen on the ladder whatsoever. It successfully pulls off a role, and is not strictly outclassed by others. It...
  8. Serene Grace

    SM LC Northern Lights (Peak #1, 92 GXE)

    Northern Lights Introduction: Hi, I am Serene's Grace as you may have seen me frequenting the LC chatroom. I am a UU and RU main but decided to take a shot at LC while waiting for the lower tiers to develop. One thing that immediately stuck out to me was the more fast paced meta. Stall is...
  9. Serene Grace

    Project LC Research Week Closed for Now (Won by Fille)

    Approved by: Fiend OP adapted from Mazz from xy uu research week Welcome to Research Week! This Week's Research Pokemon: How useful are these Pokemon in SuMoLC? What sets can they run effectively? What gives them trouble? What advantages do they have over other Pokemon? How well do they...
  10. Serene Grace

    Project Post PUPL Squad + Set dump thread

    approved by Magnemite Now that PUPL is over, its time to dump your innovative teams and sets or things that you just felt were effective in general. Add a few lines of description to explain your innovation. I'll start off with one of mine Camerupt @ Passho Berry Ability: Solid Rock...
  11. Serene Grace

    ORAS PU Monkeys and Roses (Peak #1)

    Monkeys and Roses Hello PUsers, this is Rattled Snakes here RMTing my first succesful PU team. When I somehow got fluke drafted into PUPL, I knew that I couldn't afford to be dead weight and started rapidly trying to learn the metagame especially considering I maybe touched PU like...
  12. Serene Grace

    The Butterfly Effect (Peaked on ladder)

    Butterfly Effect: The phenomenon whereby a minute localized change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere. Hello again, this is Rattled Snakes with my second ever RU RMT which is a Hyper Offense team featuring the based lord Vivillion (its broken I swear). I built this team...
  13. Serene Grace

    ORAS UU The Birds and the Bees

    Hello everyone, this is Rattled Snakes here with my 2nd ever UU RMT. With the drop of Zapdos a while back I was really interested in making a volturn team alongside Mega-Beedril. Zapdos has all the tools to facilitate volturn, while also providing a suprising amount of defensive utility through...
  14. Serene Grace

    Shark and Awe Peak #2

    Shark and Awe Shock and awe is a military doctrine based on the use of overwhelming power and spectacular displays of strength to paralyze the enemy's perception of the battlefield and destroy its will to fight. INTRODUCTION: Hello everyone, this is User: Rattled Snakes here to show my RU HO...
  15. Serene Grace

    ORAS UU Unleash the Beast (Mega Houndoom RMT)

    Introduction Hello Everyone and this is Rattled Snakes posting my first RMT which utilizes one of my favourite pokemon: Mega Houndoom. Mega Houndoom is criminally underrated in this meta. It's speed tier lies in a favorable region just beyone the clutter of base 100s and Coballion and it boasts...