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  1. motherlove

    Other Metagames [BH] Slaking Stacking (peaked #2, 1849 points)

    Hi all, motherhate here with my first RMT which, surprisingly enough, will be a Balanced Hackmon RMT. Reason being that recently I've been getting a little bored of how the BH ladder seemed to be. With every team being some similar bulky balance with the same 5 mons and repeating the same series...
  2. motherlove

    [Balanced Hackmons] Choice Specs Rayquaza-Mega

    [SET] name: Choice Specs Wallbreaker move 1: Boomburst move 2: Techno Blast / Draco Meteor move 3: Precipice Blades / Secret Sword move 4: Extreme Speed / Volt Switch / Trick item: Choice Specs ability: Aerilate nature: Rash evs: 252 Atk / 252 SpA / 4 Spe [SET COMMENTS] Moves ========...
  3. motherlove

    [AAA] Pangoro

    [OVERVIEW] Pangoro has a number of desirable traits that make it one of the most threatening wallbreakers in the AAA metagame. Its high Attack stat, unique typing, and great movepool allow it to hit the entire metagame for high damage. Defensively, its typing also grants it a resistance to...