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  1. Widdly_Scuds

    [WIP] [OPEN] Generation 8 Trade Thread that will one day have a clever title

    Hello welcome to my trade thread! Before posting read everything below otherwise I will ignore your post. About me: I go by Trogdor/Trogaholic. How do I change my Smogon username...? I was on smogon some years ago during gen 6 and did lots of trading and competitive battling. I primarily now...
  2. Widdly_Scuds

    Competitive Compendium [OPEN - Updated 1/8/16]

    Hey everyone welcome back, happy 2016 [Insert banner here] Introduction: Hey everyone, I'm Widdly_Scuds, I also go by Trogdor in other circles of the internet. I've been trading here on Smogon for 2 years now, you guys are awesome, and I want to continue trading after a short hiatus. Lately...
  3. Widdly_Scuds

    ORAS OU Ready, set, stallbreak. [Bulky offense / balance team]

    At a glance: Introduction: Hey, I'm Widdly_Scuds. I spend most of my time 'round here on the WiFi forum breeding and SRing things. I don't spend much time posting on OU forums or laddering on PS!, but I do occasionally like to build teams and play on WiFi a lot. OK so the whole idea around...
  4. Widdly_Scuds

    Drei, Zwei, Ein, Giveaway! [COMPLETE]

    Giveaway status: OFFLINE Hi friends! In my most recent breeding project, I wanted to collect eggs of flawless male Deinos, hoping one of which would later be hatched shiny. As luck would have it, in the time it took me to get 5 flawless males, I hatched 13 females, which are of no use to me...
  5. Widdly_Scuds

    Widdly's Wunderbares Warehouse {closed}

    Why aren't you eating Eggs Benedict? I had some for breakfast. It's even better with avocados and crab cakes! HOENN CONFIRMED Hey Everybody, welcome to my trade thread! I have a fair amount of interesting stuff here, some come and take a look. All Pokémon that you...
  6. Widdly_Scuds

    For Lack of a Better Name [First RMT]

    At a glance: Introduction: Hey Smogon, I'm Widdly_Scuds, and I'd like to welcome you to my first RMT here. I've been lurking here quite a lot and only now starting to post. I would very much like to become a part of the community here, and what better way to start than with an RMT! I...