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  1. X-Act

    Policy Review CAP's direction once Gen 5 is released

    I'm sure that leaving a Pokemon exactly the same from Gen. 4 to Gen. 5 isn't possible, Umbreon Dan. For one thing, Gen. 5 will have a different TM list. Every generation so far has had a different TM list than its predecessor, so everything points to Gen. 5 having this too. Since the Pokemon TM...
  2. X-Act

    Policy Review CAP's direction once Gen 5 is released

    We all know that Gen 5 will be released soon. We all equally know that the CAP Pokemon were created with Gen 4 in mind. So, this thread is to shed a light on what will happen with existing CAP Pokemon once Gen 5 is released. Will they be 'updated' for Gen 5, so as to be playable there as...
  3. X-Act

    flash games - mark 2

    You could also play the original Sonny!
  4. X-Act

    Voodoom (OU Analysis - Pre-Playtesting)

    I know that it is not frequently used, but Toxicroak is a counter to most, if not all, Voodoom sets, especially the ones that carry only STAB moves. EDIT: Because of this, I'd actually prefer Psychic as the third move... or, at least, that it is mentioned. It works well against Heracross too...
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    Computer Troubleshooting Thread

    I'm not entirely sure if this question fits here, but I'm sure this thread is the closest thing for my question, so here goes. I'm back from Slovenia, and have recorded about 3 hours of footage from my camcorder, amounting to about 24GB of footage (1920x1080 50i format, if you're asking how...
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    Congrats on your achievement at VGC! Do you happen to have Maltese descendants? I'm asking...

    Congrats on your achievement at VGC! Do you happen to have Maltese descendants? I'm asking because Rizzo is a Maltese surname.
  7. X-Act

    congrats to...

    Do you have Maltese ancestors, bluecookies? I'm asking because Rizzo is a Maltese surname. Congratulations!
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    CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 13b - Complete Movepool Poll 1

    Jibaku capefeather danmantincan I'm actually a little bit disappointed that 0 out of the 9 movepools include Mean Look or Block. :(
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    CAP 11 CAP 11 - Sprite Submissions

    noobiess, I kinda prefer the standing one more. Also, the eyes of your sprite are not obviously buttons, unlike those of most of the other sprite submitters.
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    CAP Project "To-Do List"

    I don't agree with making the Stats Ratings article as a mathematical proof; it would be unreadable for 95% of the Smogon community. However, I have written a mathematical proof for this, which you can access here. Note that the proof assumes the Version 1 of BSR, not version 2, but Version 2...
  11. X-Act

    The Smogon Factor Finals! DM WINS!!!

    I awnna b in smogon afctor 2011 :( Jokes aside, may the most telanted win!
  12. X-Act

    CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 12a - Non-Attacking Moves Discussion

    Since Mean Look seems to be going to be allowed (though it's not listed in the OP), Perish Song would ruin the concept of this Pokemon, making it a Perish-trapper with similar SpD to Mismagius, better Def, and better Spe. So I'd push Perish Song to disallowed. A similar argument can be made...
  13. X-Act

    CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 12a - Non-Attacking Moves Discussion

    Allowed: Acupressure. For flavour, and because it is a competitive non-attacking move. Allowed: Mean Look / Block. It would be nice to trap a Pokemon for Togekiss to deal with it. A trapping move wouldn't be that useless either. I'm envisaging switching Voodoom against Blissey for instance...
  14. X-Act

    Pokemon Black and White (SPECULATIONS ALLOWED HERE)

    Why is Focus Sash Sturdy such a big deal when Stealth Rock still fucks you up?
  15. X-Act

    CAP Project "To-Do List" This should be revamped completely to show how the Version 2 stats are calculated, not the Version 1 stats as shown there. People PM me about this all the time, saying "the calculations in the article do not correspond to the numbers I get from...
  16. X-Act

    P != NP: Has it been finally proven? The paper has only been uploaded yesterday, supposedly proving that P != NP, and it hasn't been peer reviewed yet, it seems. Computer scientists and mathematicians have long suspected that P != NP, but have never proved it. For the uninformed, read...
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    CAP 11 CAP 11 - Part 11b - Attacking Moves Poll

    Ice Punch Paleo Wave Sucker Punch
  18. X-Act

    CAP 11 CAP 11 - Sprite Submissions

    To be fair with noobiess, there are quite a few Pokemon sprites that do not face the opposing Pokemon directly. However, most of them seem to be still looking at the opposing sprite. So maybe that would be my suggestion, noobiess: make your sprite's eyes look in the direction where the opponent...
  19. X-Act

    Why should we care about dead people?

    Do you have anybody you care about? If no, then that explains your question. If yes, then I'm sure you'll care about his or her corprse when he or she dies.
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    CAP 11 CAP 11 - Sprite Submissions

    noobiess, you've got an interesting pose there, quite unlike any other sprite. :)