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  1. My "Art"

    Hi. I've been more busy than I enjoy!
  2. My "Art"

  3. Pokemon Platinum - The definitive thread: Mach 2 (In-Game Discussion)

    I did indeed see a Missingno, or generic glitch. I entered a battle after Pastoria city in the grass, and one showed up. (けつばん) is Missingno. No icon, no bulbasaur's cry, shiny signal (Invisible shiny bulbasaur?) The game frozen with the last note of the selection noise as if you were going to...
  4. My "Art"

  5.  What would [pokemon] look like if it were a different type?

    I'm proposing a new rule of: If there are more than two open requests, you can't request any more until they are cleared or have been declared dumb. (will edit in a few moments with art) mine is just pasted salamence wings.
  6. My "Art"

    This is actually a pretty retarded request but just to humor you
  7. My "Art"

    Here's a trolling art I made a few days ago. Sample trolling post:
  8. My "Art"

    Cubone might have one already! But he's too fat to tell.
  9. [on site] The Process of PID and IV Creation of Non-Bred Pokemon

    yes, I explained it to him like this: From what is known about col/XD pokemon is that they are based on numbers generated on the file (it DOES NOT restart apon making a new game, you will have to erase the file from the gamecube menu in order to get a new number set), plus a strange RNG. It...
  10. My "Art"

    Krabby Bigger Krabby Dratini Cubone Applewak
  11. Post Your Brawl Screen Shots!

    I'm hoping page 8 isn't too big of a bump for this? If it is, can someone fix it? Squirtle is a tasty snack? WANT.
  12. The Art of Lorak's Oasis

    refined gentleman pokemon, unite! probably over tea and crumpets.
  13. My Large Pixel Art

    Cacnea looks like he's about to go on a murderous rampage. I approve.
  14. My "Art"

    Please guys... In big text, on the first post, there is a link that contains all of my art. If the text is not enough, check out the links at the bottom, where you can browse based on Pokedex numbers. However if you have a cool pose for a...
  15. My "Art"

    Shellder haunter Hypno with a bad case of the broke appendages.
  16. My "Art"

  17. My "Art"

    I am afraid you are mistaken, as the evidence below shows. New artwork from FireRed/Leaf Green. Artwork from a TCG card. And who could forget the classic art from Red and Blue?
  18. My "Art"

    No, that's what Poliwrath is for.
  19. My "Art"

    That is generally why I made them, so yes. If you mean if I know of anyone else using it at the moment, I am not sure, but I don't think anyone is going to go maul you over it.
  20. My "Art"

    ??? Needs more actually looking at thread, maybe? Done on 6/19...