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  1. dankmatter

    Rejected Add "Fails if airlock is active" to aurora veil description

    it fails, and ive seen many people confused about it. It could be good to clarify.
  2. dankmatter

    Rejected Be able to use groupwatch in somehwere other than youtube room

    even thought it was only implemented today (thanks mia) i think it would be cool if we could use it in other rooms as it is qutie a good feature!
  3. dankmatter

    Approved Make it so that you can see plus or minus when opponent uses gear up.

    In a battle , i think when a opponent uses gear up successfully it should show possible abilities as plus or minus for hackmons cup, or show it just as plus if it has different abilities., nothing major
  4. dankmatter

    Done /sprite and /sprite shiny

    its kinda tedious to go searching for the sprite of a Pokemon that is being discussed about so i propose it to be