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  1. r0ady

    teal cup I - Signups [Prize Included]

    Name: r0ady Time zone: gmt -4 Fun fact: I didn’t know a roadie was a real thing when I made this alt
  2. r0ady

    ORAS UU Conkeldurr

    Outside of for fun tests and the three games I played at the end of UUPL this year I haven’t really touched ORAS much since the end of the generation. It’s also pretty well known I was one of the loudest and most obnoxious when it came to bitching about how bad the meta game was back at that...
  3. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Week 7

    Alpha Rabbit in Juno out TDK col49
  4. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Week 7

    i have obtained my second win and fabio will now sit at 100% win rate gg my friend
  5. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Week 5

    avarice in booty out
  6. r0ady

    Yeah let’s do then

    Yeah let’s do then
  7. r0ady

    I can do after 5pm edt fri-Sunday, so around 2pm your time

    I can do after 5pm edt fri-Sunday, so around 2pm your time
  8. r0ady

    The UU Open X - Signups

  9. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Week 2

    Sabella out Mindnight in Notily Amukamara sick em boy
  10. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Week 1

    won gg lets fucking get it battlegirls
  11. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Commencement

    If you’re looking to try out or drop some sick replays before the draft feel free to join my discord.
  12. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Format Discussion Thread

    BO3 is for sure the way to go. Adding a second slot for literally any of the old gens would leave you with pretty horrendous quality of play no matter the tier, with SM being the only one that might be ok since its the most recent generation, but, given the negative stigma around the tier that's...
  13. r0ady

    Tournament UUPL IX Manager Signups

    Manager name: r0ady Team name: TBD Team preference 1: Team F Team preference 2: Team H whatever I can get is fine
  14. r0ady

    All Gens What are your favorite teams of all time?

    All of mine are from various broken metas of UU over the years starting in late XY :machamp::jirachi::hydreigon::crobat::swampert::blastoise-mega: Machamp @ Choice Band Ability: Guts EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe Adamant Nature - Close Combat - Heavy Slam - Bullet Punch - Knock Off Jirachi @...
  15. r0ady

    Tournament UU Snake Draft I - Week 6

    won gg
  16. r0ady

    on tours ready whenever

    on tours ready whenever
  17. r0ady

    Resource UU Old Gens Hub

    Hey guys just thought id share links to the great discussion threads from some of the best players in each tier over in the ROA thread! ADV by Bouff DPP by esche ORAS by Pak USUM by Adaam ill be putting these resources in the OP as well, feel free to go check them out and learn about...
  18. r0ady

    Tournament UU Snake Draft I - Week 3

    won gg
  19. r0ady

    Prolly gonna be a few minutes late, not more than 10

    Prolly gonna be a few minutes late, not more than 10
  20. r0ady

    Sunday 4pm my time?

    Sunday 4pm my time?