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  1. OrdA

    Resource OU Checks Compendium

    OU Checks Compendium Taken over from Tressed, who took over from Agent Gibbs Approved by AM Artwork by D_what This is a visual tool for teambuilding. Use it to find checks and counters for the metagame's top threats. Please read the category definitions before posting. To make this page load...
  2. OrdA

    Programming OU Weakness Checker (BreakMyTeam style)

    OU Weakness Checker (BreakMyTeam style) Link to the tool: Approved by NixHex a long time ago, I finally got around to posting this. How to use it Click on a Pokémon to add or remove it from the team. The threatlist on the right updates to reveal which...
  3. OrdA

    Programming Compendium Generator

    approved by NixHex Compendium Generator v1.2 (last updated on July 14, 2015) Please read the statement about some virus scanners falsely detecting this as malware, in the second post. (I can only promise you that I wouldn't risk my smogon account and sabotage the work I've put into this...